Packing for Baby: What to Bring and What to Leave at Home

Packing a bag ahead of time is a must for expecting mothers so you don’t forget anything important while you’re rushing to meet your new baby.ThinkstockPhotos-514405342

Here’s a checklist of must haves compiled by Christine Stehly, MD, OB-GYN at Avera Medical Group Obstetrics & Gynecology Aberdeen. These items are sure to make your stay at the hospital as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

• Insurance information, photo ID

• A bag that is big enough for your must-have items and baby’s. This bag may be sitting next to the door a few days or even weeks so choose one you won’t miss.

• Electronics like your camera or smartphone, plus chargers and extra batteries

• Clothes for during labor — some women feel more comfortable in their own clothing rather than the hospital-issued gown and robe.

• Comfort items: books, music, movies, games, breathing tools

• Snacks for your partner — food is provided onsite but limited in variety, depending on the time of day

• Toiletries like deodorant, toothbrush, hairbrush

• A comfortable outfit for after delivery

• A going-home outfit for your new baby

• A comfortable nursing bra if you are breastfeeding or a tighter fitting sports bra will help with discomfort during weaning

Here are a few things the hospital will provide during your stay: sanitary napkins, maternity underwear, diapers, swaddling blankets, a breast pump, hair dryer, shampoo, conditioner and soap.

It won’t fit in your overnight bag, but remember you’ll also need to bring your car seat into the hospital to take baby home.

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Avera News Team

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