Athletic Republic: Enhancing the Dynamic Athlete

With the purchase of an Athletic Republic Sports Performance Training franchise in 1994, Avera Sports became the first in the region to enter the sports training market — and we continue to set the pace as the region’s leader in the development of speed, strength and conditioning for male and female athletes of all ages and sporting backgrounds. While other sports training programs are essentially mirror offerings of one another, the Athletic Republic training system offered by Avera Sports takes a unique approach to performance enhancement that combines proprietary equipment, results-based training protocols, and the support of the world’s largest single network of sports training centers.

Transforming athletes around the globe
Now a network 150+ strong, Athletic Republic training facilities are found on both coasts, across the Midwest, scattered throughout parts of Europe, the Far East and even South America. For a program with origins dating to 1991 and headquarters in Fargo, N.D., Athletic Republic has had a massive impact on the evolution of athletic performance both here in the United States as well as internationally.

More than 1 million athletes have participated in at least one 6-week training bloc, and the average results speak for themselves: Participants can expect a 2-inch improvement in vertical jump, a reduction in 40-yard dash time of two-tenths, increases in strength levels exceeding 25 percent, as well as similar increases in measures of balance and stability.

How we differ from the competition
At the heart of our training approach is the singular mission to impact the three main components of athletic ability: the metabolic, muscular and neuromuscular systems of the human body. Most of our competitors focus on improving one of these components: the muscular. These programs typically use a strength-based training model. While this approach will certainly make you stronger, it does little to address the main differentiator of sports — which is speed — or the unique conditioning demands associated with it.

Athletic Republic-based training protocols not only address the muscular component relevant to your sport, but we also cultivate and hone the slow- and fast-twitch elements of your body’s neuromuscular system while precisely addressing the proper metabolic system(s) demanded of your activity. In other words, you are what you eat, and if you want to be fast and explosive then your training approach should reflect these goals, and your weekly training routine must incorporate the needed progression to get you to the mountaintop.

Training athletes of all ages
While the early days of sports performance training here in Sioux Falls saw Avera Sports and Athletic Republic catering to primarily high school and college athletes in speed and power sports (such as football, soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, track, baseball and softball), recent years have seen us being sought out by the still-competitive adult and recreational athlete. Want to run your first 5K or complete a Half-Ironman triathlon? We have the experts to assess your current state of fitness and chart a map to ensure your future athletic successes.

In addition to Sioux Falls, Avera Sports has Athletic Republic training centers in other locations including: Aberdeen, S.D. (call 605-626-7967 or learn more about Avera St. Luke’s Acceleration) and Mitchell, S.D. (call 605-995-0161 or learn more about Avera Acceleration).

If you would like more information about improving your performance and how using the Athletic Republic Sports Performance Training will differentiate your speed, strength and conditioning, call 605-322-FAST (3278) or find us online.

By Derek Ferley

Education and Research Coordinator at Avera Sports

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