Colorful Food: More than what meets the eye

Each spring, the earth awakens from its winter hibernation with bright, vivid colors – announcing the arrival of a new season. Nature also uses colors to provide hints about the nutritional value of plant-based foods, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, beans and legumes. Read More »
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Workplace Bullying: What You Need to Know

Bullying isn’t confined to the playground. The behavior also occurs in the workplace, and it’s a growing national concern. According to a national survey from the Workplace Bullying Institute, nearly one-third of workers report having felt bullied at work. Unfortunately, 40 percent of targets — the individuals being bullied — never tell their employers. Read More »
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10,000 Steps: The Reason Behind the Number

Have you ever wondered where that elusive 10,000-step number came from or how many steps are right for you? Have you wondered about those crazy Fitbits that everyone is wearing? In the physical therapy department I have many patients every month ask me about walking goals so let’s tackle the question. Read More »
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5 Tips for the Breastfeeding Mom

As you prepare for baby don’t forget to take a moment to consider how you’ll be feeding your new baby — breastmilk or formula. The experts at Avera are available before, during and after pregnancy to answer questions and provide help.  Read More »
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Garage Sales: Choose Safe Items for Your Child

The brightly colored signs and balloons are popping up on the street corners — it’s garage sale season! If you have growing kids, it’s the perfect chance to snag items at rock-bottom prices. But before you park the car and browse bargains, know how to identify safe and potentially hazardous items that could be on sale. Read More »
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Could I Have Prediabetes?

Living in the Midwest is fabulous! We have four distinct seasons to enjoy, fresh air, potlucks and we are surrounded by “Midwest nice.” Food is at the heart of most of our social activities. The aspects we love about where we live may also have a downside. Read More »
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