Seven Ideas to Make Tailgating Both Fun and Healthy

Whether you have a tailgate party in the parking lot of your local football stadium or in your own backyard, one of the best parts of this popular tradition is the food. But the typical tailgating fare of hot dogs, chicken wings and other snack foods are often high in fat and calories, which can throw your wellness goals off track. Read More »
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“Digital Detox” Can Recharge Your Brain

We hear it constantly: screen time is bad, phone snubbing and digital dependency are rampant and we’re all growing apart due to this annoying and seemingly unstoppable desire to update, check updates and view just one more Snapchat. It’s conventional wisdom, sure, but how do we get started on a “digital detox” when we are pretty much addicted to our phones, tablets or computers? Read More »
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DigniCap Helps Chemo Patient Keep Hair for Daughter’s Wedding

Like many others before her, Elva Connelly felt overwhelmed and anxious upon receiving her breast cancer diagnosis. Not only was she concerned about the effect cancer would have on those closest to her, but also how the treatment would affect her body. Read More »
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Why We Want You to Go to the Doctor

We know health insurance can be expensive, but we also know how critical it is for people to receive the proper medical care. Because let’s face it, medical care is even more expensive. Prior to my position as Chief Medical Officer, I was a doctor for eight years in O’Neill, Neb., and I know how important access to care is. Read More »
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Breast Cancer: What Should I Be Looking For?

Julie Reiland, MD, FACS, who specializes in Breast Surgery and Surgery with Avera Medical Group Comprehensive Breast Care, offers her insights on breast self examination in this video. As she says, “If you have something that doesn’t feel right, you can tell.” You can learn more about the work of Avera Medical Group Comprehensive Breast Care online, too. Read More »
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Stop the Sitting Disease with a Half-Dozen Surefire “Get Moving” Tips

We all got the memo about Americans changing work habits. Our sedentary skill-based workplaces have us gaining weight and losing muscle mass every day. But you don’t need to reconfigure your entire lives to revolve around a fad exercise program or move into the basement at a fitness center to get moving. Read More »
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