Let’s Eat! Helping Kids Develop Good Eating Habits; Part 2: Preschoolers and Older Kids

Four-year-old Megan won’t eat any green food, calling it “yucky.” Six-year-old Cole refuses to drink his milk and gags if his parents try to make him. Eight-year-old Ella refuses to eat at mealtime, so her parents give her a peanut butter sandwich every night. Read More »
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Prediabetes: Your Chance to Stop Type 2 in its Tracks

When meeting with our health plans members, I am hearing more questions about type 1 and type 2 diabetes. And recently, what exactly is pre diabetes? Diabetes is a growing epidemic nationwide — it is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States and affects about 29 million people, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Read More »
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Let’s Eat! Helping Kids Develop Good Eating Habits; Part 1: Toddlers

Fifteen-month-old Ella eats only foods from the grain group — pasta, crackers, bread and rice. Eighteen-month-old Diego will sit in his high chair and eat for about 10 minutes, and then squirms and cries to get down. Two-year-old Joey refuses anything with a chewy texture and prefers soft food. Read More »
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Part 2: What’s so Affordable About the Affordable Care Act?

People often ask me, “where is the ‘affordable’ in the “Affordable Care Act?”  Talk about a loaded question.  Allow me one nerdy moment courtesy of Milliman – the largest worldwide actuarial consulting firm.  They have done the Milliman Medical Cost Index research annually since 2001.  Read More »
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Six Ways to Help Your Weight Loss Resolution Stick

Now that it’s the new year, you’ve probably noticed all the advertisements about fat burners, pills and other products that promise to help you lose weight in a flash. Be wary of these claims. Rarely do they result in weight loss alone. Read More »
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5 Steps to Buying New Shoes

It’s the New Year and you’re ready to start working toward that New Year’s resolution of exercising more. However, you’ve noticed that your old pair of athletic shoes has seen better days. Sure, they are the same great shoes you had two years ago, but common sense tells you that even if you love them they probably need to be retired. Read More »
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