The Latest Science to Help Patients Stay Cancer Free

Women want to not only survive breast cancer, but thrive. That means years of cancer-free living, rather than years spent in treatment for future bouts of disease. That’s what the genomic medicine team at the Avera Cancer Institute Center for Precision Oncology hopes to deliver, as they treat more breast cancer patients earlier in the course of their disease. Read More »
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Twelve Weeks Down – Going Strong!

You can read Lisa’s introductory story here, and her second and third installments also are online. Week 12 is complete! I have lost 48.8 pounds and 48.75 total inches with the Avera Ideal Living program. I have lost the equivalent of my 3 ½ year old, and it’s pretty hard for me to believe. Read More »
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I Have Breast Cancer… Now What? Five Things to Expect After Diagnosis

“You have breast cancer…” Sitting together in her office, your physician just said the ‘C’ word — at least you think she did. “What?” “You have breast cancer.” Just let that sink in. It feels like the wind has been knocked out of you, your mind both racing and wiped blank, and emotions of fear, stress and anger wash over you. Read More »
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Fire Safety: 30 Years of Working with Fire Rescue to Help Kids Stay Safe

This fall will mark 30 years of partnership between Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center and Sioux Falls Fire Rescue. Together, they have helped educate preschoolers in our community about burn prevention. This week, preschools, child care centers, and home child cares will transport about 500 children to the Washington Pavilion’s Belbas Theater for puppet shows featuring Elvis the Hound Dog, Cowboy Zach, Norman and other puppet friends. Read More »
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Control of Portions Can Clobber Backsliding Habits, Help with Weight Loss

There’s a snack, dish or culinary delight out there that has your name on it. It’s the one you cannot resist. We all have our favorites – those sneaky treats, the ones we just lose it over. They are so darn good, we say we’ll have just one. Read More »
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Seven Ideas to Make Tailgating Both Fun and Healthy

Whether you have a tailgate party in the parking lot of your local football stadium or in your own backyard, one of the best parts of this popular tradition is the food. But the typical tailgating fare of hot dogs, chicken wings and other snack foods are often high in fat and calories, which can throw your wellness goals off track. Read More »
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