ACL Injuries Can Happen to Anyone

An ACL injury sounds like something that would only happen to an athlete, but Brandon Fites, MD, orthopedic and sports medicine specialist, says they’re more common than you think. Everyone from high school and recreational athletes to farmers and ranchers can suffer an ACL injury. Read More »
Sports Medicine · Avera Health
Raking Leaves

Fall Chores Can Keep You Active

Summer’s gone, but the beauty of autumn is that all the winter preparation work we do can help us burn calories and get active. Why not accomplish two positives with every step, swing of the rake and bag of leaves hauled to the curb? Read More »
Exercise · Avera Health

Apples: A Fall Favorite With Health Benefits

Before pumpkin spice season, the apple was the ruler of fall dishes. This long-time fall favorite shows up in a ton of recipes this time of year from applesauce and apple pies to caramel apples and apple cider. With over 2,500 varieties of apples available, these beauties are the number one fruit consumed in the U.S. Read More »
Wellness and Prevention · Avera Health

Think Healthy with Snacks and Meals for Kids

Parents know the lure of pre-packaged foods — it’s an easy choice on a day packed with events. But as another school year gets started, it’s important to think healthy when it comes to preparing lunches, snacks and dinner for you kids. Read More »
Children's Health · Marshall

Help for Headaches

Whether your head is throbbing, pounding or just plain aching, you’re not alone. In fact, headache is among the top 10 reasons for seeing a doctor. If headaches are new and different from headaches you’ve had before, or if they impact your way of life or quality of life, it’s a good reason to make an appointment to see your doctor. Read More »
Wellness and Prevention · Avera Health

What Does Breast Cancer Feel Like?

Julie Reiland, MD, carries a green centimeter-sized stone in the pocket of her lab coat – not for luck or out of superstition, but to demonstrate, if asked, what breast cancer feels like to a patient or colleague. Reiland, a breast surgeon with Avera Medical Group Comprehensive Breast Care, advocates for annual mammograms along with clinical breast exams. Read More »
Cancer Care · Avera Health