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VIDEO: Learn About This Mom’s Cancer Journey with Avera Second-Opinion Clinic

Sue Studt is a busy wife, mom, and businesswoman. Watch her remarkable story of her breast-cancer journey and how things simply fell into place when it came to her treatment and recovery with Avera Breast Center. Read More »
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Enjoy Retirement With Better Health

Health is important for enjoying life, yet as people age, numerous health conditions can crop up that get in the way of an active retirement lifestyle. “Retirement is a time to take stock on your goals for the next 10 to 20 years. Read More »
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Dealing With It: Watertown Transplant Patient Says Team’s Attitude Lifted His

Rich Kunkel is going to Branson, Mo., for a celebration with friends this year. The Watertown father of four remembers when making a plan like that was impossible. Kunkel faced multiple myeloma in 2012, but completed a bone-marrow transplant in 2013 at the Avera Cancer Institute. Read More »
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Contact Lenses and Good Eye Health – Don’t Skimp When it Comes to Sight

There’s nothing wrong with being frugal – just like our moms and dads taught us. We squeeze toothpaste tubes until they are flattened, clip coupons and of course we keep wearing our contacts well past their expiration date because it’ll save money. Read More »
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A Look at Innovative Approaches to Cancer Care

Avera Cancer Institute never stops looking for advanced technology to help its patient. Here’s a brief look at some approaches and medical equipment that truly continues the top-quality approach patients expect from Avera. Contrast-Enhanced Spectral Mammography (CESM): The SenoBright CESM technology in use at Avera Breast Center, Prairie Center, allows multidisciplinary teams to confirm findings – especially in dense breast tissue – and locate lesions or tumors when initial screenings are inconclusive. Read More »
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Liposuction Myths May Be Holding Back the Best You in the New Year

We live in an age of instant information, but as we all know, an overabundance of misinformation continues to stack up like so much snow on a January day. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, there’s one area of my profession still makes me shake my head quite a bit. Read More »
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