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Weekly Tumor Conferences Give Breast Cancer Patients Attention of Many Experts

Each Wednesday morning, a team of about 30 experts gathers at the Avera Cancer Institute in Sioux Falls with a single-minded focus. The members of the team are voracious researchers, and the focus of their meeting is a comprehensive review of the cases of breast cancer patients who are receiving care from the Institute’s physicians. Read More »
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Understanding Cold Sores

They attack our faces, and the way they look is almost as bad as the pain. Creeping in as a tingle along our lips, they grow into a sore, ugly mark on our mouths. They stick around too long, and they pack a stinging discomfort, too. Read More »
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Membership in Big-Data Cancer Program Will Help Avera Improve Care

Sometimes you have to step back to see the big picture and allow those patterns to form before your eyes. That’s the idea behind “big data” projects where trends and associations come to light when enough information is brought together. It’s not enough to have lots of data; you have to skillfully evaluate it. Read More »
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Bowdens Seek Out the Best Care for Breast Cancer, and Find it at Avera

Doug and Mary Bowden were no strangers to the world of cancer care. Having fathers who both passed away due to cancer, they had generously donated funds to help finance the patient navigation program at Avera Cancer Institute. In 2011, they were on site for the ribbon cutting and gala opening of the Prairie Center in Sioux Falls, home to the Avera Cancer Institute. Read More »
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Myth vs. Fact in the Quest to Lower Your Cholesterol

Have you heard these words at a recent doctor’s appointment or health screening? “Your total cholesterol is over 200. Your HDL looks a little low. Your LDL should be below 130. Your triglycerides are much higher than what’s recommended.” High blood cholesterol is not a direct correlation to future heart disease, but it does increase your risk – especially for sudden death due to heart attack, rather than being able to live through a heart attack and become rehabilitated back to good health. Read More »
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Thinking About an ER Visit? Maybe AveraNow Can Help

Have you ever had the feeling while walking out of an emergency room that maybe you could have waited until the next morning and saved the money? Well, thanks to revolutionary technologies such as AveraNow, you have one more access point to medical care that’s cost effective. Read More »
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