Find Inspiration For a Wellness Journey

Inspire. I want to talk about what inspire means to me. The dictionary meaning is “to encourage somebody to greater effort, enthusiasm and creativity.” That is what I get every day when I go to work at Avera St. Luke’s Hospital. Read More »
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Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make: Car Seat Safety, Part 2

As a pediatrician, I see parents bring in babies in car seats all the time. As a result, I can see firsthand the mistakes people make when putting their child into a carrier. Common Car Seat Mistakes: Carrying A Baby In An Infant Carrier Without Buckling Them In Even though newborns don’t move much on their own, they get jostled around a lot when they are being carried. Read More »
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It is Important to See a Primary Health Care Provider

Part of my job as Chief Medical Officer for Avera Health Plans is to review surgery requests for referrals or procedures from our members’ health care providers. It can be very complex. Almost every day I review a case in which a patient is seeing multiple specialists for the same problem.               Read More »
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It’s A Handful: How To Keep Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease (HFMD) Under Control

Anyone with young children at home, especially if they send their kids to daycare, has likely heard of the recent outbreak of Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease (HFMD) that we are seeing in the community. What Is HFMD? HFMD is a common illness that affects children, most commonly those under the age of five. Read More »
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Food Myth #3 – All Foods Are Okay with Portion Control

Joanne here from the Avera Heart Hospital ready to bust another food myth! This is myth #3 in my 5-part series on busting food myths in heart-healthy diets. Myth #3: All foods fit into a heart healthy diet as long as you control portions. Read More »
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Time For A Seat Check: Car Seat Safety, Part 1

You may have heard about the newest recommendation in car seats: keep infants and toddlers rear-facing until age two. Like most people, you probably thought that sounded impossible. But I assure you, it’s not. My youngest daughter stayed rear-facing through her second birthday. Read More »
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