Buckle Up: Car Seat Safety, Part 3

My last two posts have been about car seat safety, focusing on younger children. However, I’d like to also do a review of proper restraints for older children. Click It, Or Ticket By South Dakota law, all passengers 17 years of age and under must be buckled. Read More »
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Avoid Dehydration This Summer

I was out taking a walk the other night and realized summer weather is upon us, and the risk of dehydration from long, hot days is very real even though it is only May. Dehydration may happen to people of all ages and occurs when a person loses more water than he or she consumes. Read More »
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Lace Up Your Shoes and Let’s Have Some Fun!

Celebrate National Employee Health and Fitness Week, May 14 – 18. The employees of Avera Health Plans are walking a mile over the lunch hour this week. Try to exercise with the people at your workplace. Following are some ideas I suggest to start wellness at the workplace:  Start from the top. Read More »
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Food Myth #4 – Coumadin and Vitamin K are Forbidden Together

Joanne here again from the Avera Heart Hospital, tackling another food myth for those of you with heart health issues. Today’s myth is #4 in my 5-part series. Myth #4: If you take Coumadin, a blood thinner, you must eliminate all high vitamin K foods, including green vegetables. Read More »
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Find Inspiration For a Wellness Journey

Inspire. I want to talk about what inspire means to me. The dictionary meaning is “to encourage somebody to greater effort, enthusiasm and creativity.” That is what I get every day when I go to work at Avera St. Luke’s Hospital. Read More »
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Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make: Car Seat Safety, Part 2

As a pediatrician, I see parents bring in babies in car seats all the time. As a result, I can see firsthand the mistakes people make when putting their child into a carrier. Common Car Seat Mistakes: Carrying A Baby In An Infant Carrier Without Buckling Them In Even though newborns don’t move much on their own, they get jostled around a lot when they are being carried. Read More »
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