Avoiding Burnout–Overuse Injuries in Kids, Part Two

In my last post, I talked about overuse injuries in young athletes. We have been seeing an increasing number of these types of injuries that parallels the increase in the number of children who participate in organized athletic activities. But overuse injuries are only one problem these young athletes are at risk for. Read More »
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Tools of the Trade–Baby Essentials

As I write this, I am back at work after maternity leave. I spent the last seven weeks at home, caring for my newborn daughter and her older sisters. Throughout my days at home, I realized that I have accumulated quite a few products that I consider invaluable when taking care of my children. Read More »
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Beef: It’s What’s for Dinner

Cheryl (left) with a teammate during the "Chopped" competition Last month I had the unique opportunity to travel from the rolling hills of Southwestern Minnesota to the Flint Hills of Kansas to participate in a nutrition adventure. As one of 43 registered dietitians from 10 different states, I attended a conference sponsored by the Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska Beef Councils titled A Nutrition Adventure: Connecting Food, Farm and Science. Read More »
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A Different Kind of Physician

Being a Family Practice Physician While I was growing up on a farm in Ohio, my family became good friends with the family practice physician who provided our health care services. He was an inspirational man and was the one who influenced me to become a physician. Read More »
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Acupuncture: Relief for Hot Flashes

I am at that age, 45, where unexpected physical changes are happening that mentally I am not prepared for because mentally, I am still 27. Two months ago, I developed a shin splint walking my dogs that resulted in my having to sport an unfashionable orthopedic boot for ten days (Why can’t someone invent an ortho boot with a kitten heel?) Two days ago, I injured my shoulder in a game of tug-of-war with my dog. Read More »
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Less Really is More—Overuse Injuries in Kids, Part One

The number of children who participate in sports has been growing for the last several decades, due to both the increased access and the large number of different athletic activities available to children. It is estimated that somewhere between 30 and 45 million children participate in some form of athletic activity every year. Read More »
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