Hearing Aids Reduce the Impact of Hearing Loss on Quality of Life

Hearing loss is too often an accepted handicap. Studies have found time and time again that hearing loss leads to less social activity, more isolation, increased sadness and depression. This is something I witness on a daily basis. A recent study by the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, found other negative impacts of hearing loss besides these social and emotional problems. Read More »
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Corn and Carbohydrates

A familiar site at this time of the year is the fruit and vegetable stands that pop up when the local, fresh produce becomes plentiful. I drive past a stand on the way to and from work each day, and there are usually at least two other stops along the highway where local farmers are selling fresh sweet corn. Read More »
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Is Sea Salt Better Than Table Salt?

For this blog I collaborated with Chelsea Rambo, our dietetic intern who is working with us at the Avera Heart Hospital through The University of South Dakota Internship program. And although between us there is a wealth of knowledge, we used articles from The American Dietetic Association and  an Ask Tufts Experts’ article from Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter to provide accurate statistics to you. Read More »
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Why Avera Medical Group?

You may have noticed the names of some of your local Avera clinics have changed to Avera Medical Group. The decision to change those names came after lots of research and discussion on the best way to present a clear description of what each facility is to our patients. Read More »
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Fruits and Veggies Matter

When it comes to our eating habits, it seems like we often hear about things we shouldn’t eat or should eat less of. What if we thought about it from a different perspective? What foods should we eat more of? Almost everyone needs to eat more fruits and vegetables. Read More »
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Starting Strong: Youth Strength-Training Programs

A family recently brought their child in for a sports physical for a summer camp the young athlete is planning on attending this summer.  During the exam, his parents asked if it was safe for their young athlete to begin a strength-training program to help him improve in his sport.  Read More »
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