Less Really is More—Overuse Injuries in Kids, Part One

The number of children who participate in sports has been growing for the last several decades, due to both the increased access and the large number of different athletic activities available to children. It is estimated that somewhere between 30 and 45 million children participate in some form of athletic activity every year. Read More »
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Gardening Is Good For You!

I was brainstorming about what I could write about the summer season that we are approaching and something that would be outside the box and decided to continue my gardening theme. In my previous blogs I have written about my flower garden and how much I enjoy it. Read More »
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Five Tips for Healthy Summer Grilling

The Memorial Day holiday kicks off the summer picnic season and what can taste better after a long winter than the taste of grilled food? Of course there are the traditional grilled items like hamburgers and hot dogs. But there are lots of other options when it comes to using your BBQ grill. Read More »
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Patience and Hard Work Are Part of the Journey

For a long time I have wanted a flower garden. With a little patience and hard work, I can now look out my kitchen window and see my garden starting to come up out of the ground. It is so exciting for me to see the green plant shoots. Read More »
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My Story – How I Became A Pediatrician

I was recently at a meeting with other physicians whom I have known for several years. The facilitator of the meeting had us go around and share the story of how we chose to become physicians. It was interesting to hear the wide variety of ways we all arrived at our shared profession, from medicine being a “second career,” to being guided down this path by parents and professors. Read More »
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Food Myth #5 – Are Lean Beef and Pork Okay in a Heart-Healthy Diet?

Joanne from the Avera Heart Hospital, here today with my fifth and final food myth. It’s been so much fun sharing these with everyone, and I hope you’ve learned a lot along the way! Myth #5: Lean beef and pork are allowed in a heart-healthy diet if portions are controlled. Read More »
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