Technology that Puts Patient and Doctor on the Same Page

face-sculptor-consultation Vectra XTThe latest imaging technology, now at Avera Medical Group Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, makes a person’s decisions about changes in appearance crystal clear to both the patient and his or her surgeon.

In the past, medical photographers or the patient would take images and bring them to their plastic surgeon. But even the best photographer or most descriptive patient might not be able to explain exactly what they sought, or what needed to be changed. The Vectra XT 3-D Enhanced Imaging technology eliminates any loss of words or poor image. Patients who come in for consultation will have their images taken using this unique bank of cameras. Then the patient can sit side-by-side with the surgeon and in real time explain what they want.

The photos only take about 10 minutes to produce and are displayed on a large monitor that provides complete 3-D manipulation. The images can be rotated and any part of the body can be photographed. Vectra XT isn’t just about photos; its precise measuring software can provide surgeons with detailed maps of the patient’s face, breasts or other body part, thus saving them time prior to surgery and allowing for a more efficient procedure once the operation begins.

Vectra XT also helps patients who might not be able to put into words exactly what they wish was different about their nose, neck or eyes. Surgeons can make pinpoint deviations on the screen and give patients insight on how various changes would look, from any angle.

The Vectra XT camera array and its software not only helps surgeons who are providing assistance to cosmetic surgery patients, it can help with any sort of reconstruction or procedure in visible areas of the body where even 1 millimeter makes a huge difference. The most important part of this technology is its application of accuracy, thus making the surgeon’s work more efficient while easing any worries the patient may have long before the procedure is scheduled.


Avera News Team

By Avera News Team

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