Merry Christmas and Happy “Insured” New Year!

WSP 336 x 280 (2)It is Christmas Eve, Santa is off on his trip around the world and the elves are getting ready for his return. I enjoy this quiet time to relax and every year, I reflect and identify one Christmas wish.  This year I’m wishing for everyone to have quality health insurance.

There are so many great reasons to get health insurance before March 31:

  • You will have access to remarkable doctors and nurses who dedicate their time and talents to the medical profession and healing.
  • You and your family can schedule free preventive screenings so you can identify and receive treatment earlier
  • You may qualify for financial help and lowering your premium payments through
  • You and your children deserve to have the best health care when you need it

Health insurance is a great gift to yourself and your family this holiday season. Remember, you can still enroll until March 31, 2014 without paying penalties.

I would just like to leave you with a thought for the holidays. Let us remember the true spirit of the season; kindness, love and thankfulness for all we have, keeps the holiday spirit alive all year. Remember to leave your milk and cookies out for Santa and Merry Christmas!

By Mrs. Claus

Santa's Wife at North Pole