Health Insurance: Not just for fossils

WhatCanIBuy“I thought health insurance was just for fossils until I ended up in the ER …”

A friend of mine owns a Toyota Tundra that he shares with his girlfriend. He told me, “I might love that truck as much as I love my girlfriend.” Kidding aside, it’s his work truck and gets him around — it even got him to the emergency room after he had an accident while remodeling their kitchen. Nailed it. Just not in a good way.

The $4,000 bill from the emergency room got him thinking about health insurance. He pays $106 a month for truck insurance and never made a claim. After talking to him, I wondered how much $106 a month would buy him in health insurance, so I decided to check it out on

My friend makes about $22,000 a year, and because of that he is eligible for reduced monthly premium payments on health insurance. I found him a plan for $109 a month for something he would actually use. He will also get lower deductibles, copays and out-of-pocket maximums because he is eligible for cost-sharing reductions. Let’s break that down:

$109 a month means:

  • Preventive care covered at no cost
  • Primary care doctor’s office visit costs $10
  • Generic drugs are as little as $5 per prescription

My friend’s deductible would be $1,000 and the most he would have to pay in a year if something should happen is $2,000, that’s half what he paid for his nail gun incident in the emergency room.

You get where I’m coming from? Sure, health insurance won’t save him from the zombie apocalypse but it would have helped him with his emergency room bill and given him a $10 visit to his doctor. Think of it this way, you insure your truck, which is replaceable so why not yourself? Learn more and get covered.

By Deb Muller

Chief Administrative Officer at Avera Health Plans