Understanding Behavioral Health and How to Access Help

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Lobby of Avera Behavioral Health Center

Behavioral health is for everyone – that’s right, everyone. From the CEO who seems to have it all to the stranger alone at a restaurant, no one has a problem-free life. Naturally, we all try to handle our problems on our own, but eventually we will all have a time of need and the question of “should I get help” becomes “now I need help.”

Behavioral health programs are available to help in tough situations, such as:

  • A loyal, grown child of an aging senior needs extra support while trudging through difficult transitions
  • An involved, yet exhausted, parent of a child receives reports that his child has no ability to focus
  • A teenager is lost in the world wondering where and how she fits in
  • A master’s degree graduate becomes overwhelmed by a darkness she just cannot shake

How can these people reach out? They can make the courageous choice to call our confidential assessment line or schedule a visit with a behavioral health professional, and get the help that they or their loved one needs.

At Avera Behavioral Health, we know how challenging that first step can be, and we are here to take care of every step afterward.

  • One of our counselors can engage in a free mental health assessment to help you navigate our health system
  • Outpatient staff are available to see you on a weekly basis
  • Inpatient staff are there to help during moments of crisis
  • The pharmacy is committed to getting the right medications in a time of need
  • The adult partial hospital is a perfect transition into a life you could find manageable
  • The ECT and TMS Therapy staff are here to provide innovative treatment options

Behavioral health is for everyone. The health of the mind, body, and spirit are beneficial for healthy living. It is our goal to help ease life’s burdens, and if you or your loved one are in need of help, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-800-691-4336 for a free, confidential assessment. You can also visit us online at AveraBehavioralHealth.org.

By Shantrel DeJong

Lead Behavioral Health Tech at Avera Behavioral Health Center

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