The Importance of Physical and Emotional Flexibility

Yoga can help with physical flexibility

Flexibility. It has been my key goal since my wellness journey began about six months ago. I discovered that in addition to “physical” flexibility, we have to be receptive to our “emotional” flexibility. I am sure that you have heard at one time that you need to be more flexible, whether at work or home.

I looked up the meaning of flexible in the dictionary, and one of the definitions was responsiveness to change, adaptable. I have had the opportunity in my work career to have a leadership role. In that capacity you have to be flexible, as you are dealing with many different situations. To be flexible in our lives requires us to think out of our boxes and try something new and different. Think about a positive or negative comment and how you reacted. Were you being flexible in your actions, or not?

I try to make a conscious effort every day to be adaptable to change. We live in an ever-changing world. Things change constantly, and are we on board with our flexibility in either level? I have really been working on my physical sense of it, but now have incorporated more facets of flexibility. It’s amazing what one can learn when we see out of the box.

I challenge you to be more flexible in some capacity in your life. You never know what you will discover! I know I am enjoying this journey, as I am venturing out of my box and discovering new things that capture my interest. I am pleased to share with you. Have a great day!

By Cindy Sudlow

Centralized Scheduling Coordinator at Avera St. Luke's

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