Spread the Word About Tax Credits and Subsidies

DAKOTACARE policyholders who applied on healthcare.gov will lose tax credits and/or cost-sharing subsidies in 2016.ThinkstockPhotos-505698707

Do your neighbor a favor. It’s the holidays and your neighbor may need your help and not even know it. DAKOTACARE announced that they are not offering plans on healthcare.gov this year.

Deadline Is Dec. 15

What does this mean? If you have a neighbor, friend or family member who currently has a DAKOTACARE policy through healthcare.gov, they will need to go to healthcare.gov before Dec. 15 and choose a new plan to receive financial assistance with monthly premiums. If they stay with DAKOTACARE, tax credits and cost-sharing subsidies will go away on Jan. 1, 2016.

Cost Savings Adds Up

It may not seem like much, but premium credits that are available only through healthcare.gov amount to some serious coin.  The average premium tax credit in South Dakota is $229 per month, per enrollee.  Having to pay an extra $229 per month for health insurance would bust a family’s budget and many of these individuals have conditions that they are seeking medical treatment for right now.  Let’s keep them insured by getting them back on healthcare.gov to choose a plan that is eligible for a tax credit by Dec.15.

Please help me spread the word by sharing this message.  You will make some South Dakotans’ Christmas and New Year’s a bit brighter in doing so.

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By Deb Muller

Chief Administrative Officer at Avera Health Plans