What? Santa’s Sick!?

Santa at the doctors officeNovember is such a busy time of year up here at the North Pole. We are in the final months of prepping for Christmas Eve delivery. I’m doing my best to make sure everyone takes care of themselves during the holidays but Santa didn’t get around to the health screenings I had scheduled last month. You see, a couple of manufacturers were behind in their deliveries so Santa had to be out-of-town.  All the elves received their flu shots because we all know there is no time for the flu in Santa’s workshop.

Unfortunately, Santa missed his when he was on the road. He told me not to worry because he never gets sick. Well guess what? Santa came down with a fever last night. I tried to Google what we could do for his aches and pains. Thankfully we have a health plan and I can get him in to see his doctor.

When Santa and I bought our health Insurance through Avera Health Plans we created a login at their website. This helps us to find out information on our plans, deductibles and coverage.  So I logged on this morning and looked up a list of health care providers that fall under our health insurance coverage. Wow what a long list it was! But I was able to narrow it down and found a physician who can see Santa right away! So don’t worry, with the help of Avera Health Plans and some great health care providers (and a little of my special cookies) we will have Santa up and ready to go in no time!

By Mrs. Claus

Santa's Wife at North Pole