No Excuse for Not Enrolling in Health Insurance

164397156 [Converted]In the final days of the countdown to Christmas Eve, things around here are getting pretty hectic. So I am checking in with all my elf workers to make sure they remembered to enroll in health insurance. So even if they miss the deadline for health insurance coverage for Jan. 1, but I am reminding them — they can still enroll for insurance until March 31, 2014. Many of the elf workers had questions or excuses.

I was asked by one elf, what if you don’t get health coverage in 2014?  I reminded him he may have to pay a fee and he will also have to pay for all of his health care.   Oh you should just hear the excuses I heard. “I’m too young, I never get sick.” “It is too expensive.” “None of my friends are getting health insurance.” The list goes on and on. Thankfully the Avera Health Plans website has armed me with responses to these excuses.

I have found that Avera Health Plans understands that many of these excuses come from not understanding the minute detail of health insurance. Health insurance is not fun or easy to figure out. That is why Avera Health Plans has a toll-free number 1-855-692-8372 for you to call and someone is there to answer all your questions or help you apply!

Our elves are lucky, we provide them with health insurance but if your employer does not provide insurance, now is the time to enroll. As I tell my elves, I’m telling all of you who don’t think you need health insurance, if Santa can get sick anyone can.

By Mrs. Claus

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