Mrs. Claus and Health Savings Accounts

106397785Well good news — Santa is over the flu! He is back working hard in the shop to get everything just right for Christmas Eve delivery. Thank goodness, after spending the week nursing my poor, sick husband back to health, I needed a little fun so I had hot chocolate with a good friend of mine, the Easter Bunny.

We discussed Santa’s recent bout with the flu and how grateful Santa and I were for having health insurance! But even with health insurance, we both agreed that health care can be expensive. I remembered hearing something from our Avera Health Plans’ Customer Service Representative. They have a way to help with health care costs with a health savings account that is tied to a high deductible health plan and set up with your bank.

A Health Savings Account is similar to a personal savings account but the money is specifically designated for health care expenses. So Easter can put up to $3,300 (or $6,550 for her family) into a Health Savings Account each year and she can then use that to pay for medical expenses. We won’t have to pay any taxes on the money in our account and any money we haven’t used at the end of the year stays in the account for next year!

I told Easter she should find out more about it by calling Avera Health Plans toll-free at 1-855-692-8372. On, there is a link to explain Health Savings account in more detail. The great thing about this account, is you decide how much to put in it and how much to spend. Making it very easy to pay for unexpected medical costs!

By Mrs. Claus

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