Haiti Mission: Providing Education, Care and Support

haitiAvera has had a long-standing history of mission trips supporting the people of Jeremie, Haiti through the Haitian Health Foundation (HHF).  I am on this trip with 15 other volunteers who are from South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and North Dakota. We all have various medical and non-medical backgrounds. Several of the volunteers have never met, but we all mesh as a unified group with the same goals–to help provide education, care and support as needed, per HHF.  Our goal is not so much to do for the Haitians but to help them do for themselves. We are accompanying them as they build capacity.

Physicians and nursing teams provide village healthcare, a dentist and team work in “open air” dental clinics, and the radiologist and team provide breast exams, sonography and biopsies. Others work with clinic maintenance or inventory duties.

The weather is hot, sunny and humid (100 percent humidity always).  The lack of cool temperatures or air conditioning reminds us how fortunate we are back home. Even though they do not have our modern conveniences, the people of Haiti are the most grateful and happy that I have ever met.

Follow my Haiti Mission blog posts to hear more about the work the volunteers and I are doing on our mission trip.

By Jill Schultz

Director of Breast Health at Avera McKennan

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