Flu Vaccinations for Avera Employees

At Avera, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality care for our patients, customers and residents. This includes doing everything we can to keep employees, doctors, nurses and customers healthy. Avera recently announced a new policy for mandatory influenza vaccinations for our employees. Avera employees will be vaccinated against this highly contagious virus.

This decision stems from wanting to provide the safest environments for you, our patients. Avera has always had a commitment to vaccination and protecting our patients. Last year nearly 90 percent of Avera employees were vaccinated against the flu, 12 of our facilities had mandatory vaccinations for their employees, five of our facilities were recognized by the Minnesota Department of Health for their prevention programs and five more received acknowledgement by the Immunization Action Coalition for their programs. Our new policy just takes our prevention tactics to the next level.

 But what does this all mean for you?

The single best way to prevent the flu is vaccination. By requiring our caregivers and health care providers to be vaccinated, we are lowering your risk for contracting the flu while in our care whether in the clinic, hospital, long-term care facility or home. People in our facilities are often already at a higher risk for the flu. Unvaccinated employees are more likely to catch the flu themselves, causing a further spread of the illness. The goal of our new policy is to limit that from happening.

This new vaccination policy benefits our employees and their family members. If an employee is vaccinated against the flu, he or she is at a much lower risk of contracting the illness and spreading it to family, friends and coworkers. All in all, this step will help lower the rate of influenza in the communities we serve.

Watch for information on where you can receive your flu shot!

By Dr. Tad Jacobs

Chief Medical Officer of Avera Medical Group at Avera Health

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