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“Mommy Makeovers” Help You Look and Feel Your Best

There’s a flipside to the joy of being a new mom. That blessing of baby sometimes includes some excess skin from pregnancy or the feelings that come with having a negative body image. While it’s not for all women, the “mommy makeover” is a consideration for women who want to look and feel their best, said Avera Medical Group Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery specialist Mark Shashikant, MD. Read More »
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Fish Facts: Nursing Moms and Moms-To-Be Can Enjoy More Seafood Safely

Delicious fish and seafood – hopefully it’s on your shopping list. We’re all supposed to eat more because it offers lean protein, healthy oils and packs an ocean’s worth of vital nutrients. Moms-to-be and women who are breastfeeding might love a tender tuna filet, but they’ve also heard the warnings about mercury in fish and its potential for harm to developing children. Read More »
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A Midwife’s Tips on Making a Birth Plan

When you’re preparing for the birth of a child, it’s pretty common to have high expectations. Many women believe they will be admitted to the hospital, assume the “birth goddess” position and quickly deliver a healthy baby. It will be a beautiful, miraculous, Facebook-worthy event, free of missteps and stress. Read More »
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Why Would I Need a Hysterectomy?

Hysterectomy is the second-most-common surgery for women — behind only C-sections. Each year, 600,000 women undergo this procedure, which removes the uterus and cervix. Why would your physician recommend hysterectomy? Past and current health conditions that may lead to a hysterectomy include: Uterine fibroids – Benign tumors located in the uterus, fibroids affect approximately 30 to 40 percent of women during their lifetime. Read More »
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Vitamin D and Me: Sharing Lessons I Learned

This is the first in a series of blog entries from Avera Medical Group Certified Nurse Midwives. Recently I was told I had a vitamin D deficiency, I was in shock. I had been living in Southern Georgia, where we had an average of 214 days of sunshine a year. Read More »
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CuddleCot™ Allows Precious Moments with Late Child

Megan Bartel was in the last weeks of her pregnancy, when one day at work she didn’t feel the normal kicks of her active baby. She knew something was wrong but was praying for the best. Her doctor delivered the devastating news that her unborn son no longer had a heartbeat. Read More »
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