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Toilet Paper Roll In A Restroom

Get Your Colon Prep On: 10 Tips to Get Through It 

The hardest thing about colonoscopy is often the prep the day before the actual screening. Here are our best tips to help you through your colon prep. Try to schedule Monday morning if possible so you can take less time off work by doing the prep on Sunday. Read More »
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What Pee Color Means

Our fascinating bodily functions can tell us about our health, and urine is no exception. You’ve probably wondered why it can vary in shade from day to day. Dileep Bhat, MD, a urologist with Avera Medical Group Specialty Care Brookings, said he encourages patients who see certain patterns – and colors – to get it tested. Read More »
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Top Five Tips to Help You Sleep

Almost everyone’s looking to sleep through the night and to get good rest from their sleep. If you’re like many who awake tired or crave naps all day, check out these five suggestions that really help: 1). Acupuncture: Did you know it can improve your sleep? Read More »
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What Your Stools Are Telling You about Your Health

It’s not a tidy topic or one we share widely in polite company. But it is something with which we’re innately familiar. You know – almost everyone looks when they are done with their No. 2s or “their business.” Knowing the basics about what your stool is telling you can provide insight on your health, especially the health of your colon. Read More »
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Thinking About an ER Visit? Maybe AveraNow Can Help

Have you ever had the feeling while walking out of an emergency room that maybe you could have waited until the next morning and saved the money? Well, thanks to revolutionary technologies such as AveraNow, you have one more access point to medical care that’s cost effective. Read More »
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Healthy Eating During Cancer Remission

I am a firm believer in the simple idea in these three words: Nutrition is Power. I believe that nutrition can empower your body, can help strengthen you, and can also help prevent diseases such as reoccurrence of cancer.  There may not be anything much greater on your mind right now than wanting to do all you can to help your body get as strong and powerful as possible so it can fight off all it faces. Read More »
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