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Understanding Cold Sores

They attack our faces, and the way they look is almost as bad as the pain. Creeping in as a tingle along our lips, they grow into a sore, ugly mark on our mouths. They stick around too long, and they pack a stinging discomfort, too. Read More »
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Hair Care in Winter – Should You Wash It Every Day?

Winter’s arid breath really hits our hair. Is yours drier or oilier than it seemed when the leaves were falling? You’re certainly not alone. Dermatologists do see more patients in the winter when the dryness of the season hits our skin and our locks. Read More »
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Stop Dry Winter Skin With These Tips

Winter is thee worst when it comes to dry skin. We all want that same shimmer and shine we enjoy during the warm months, but it’s tricky to maintain as the temperatures plummet and the air turns dry as a desert wind. Read More »
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You Can Reduce The Impact of Scars on Your Skin

As our largest organ, the living skin that surrounds our bones and muscle is really good at repairing damage. Those repairs can end up leaving scars, but you can help your skin in a number of ways to lessen those marks or make the nearly unnoticeable. Read More »
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Repairing the Damage: The Latest Techniques for Younger-Looking Skin

Sunspots, spider veins and wrinkles are all unfortunate side effects of aging especially if you’ve spent a lot of time out in the sun. But thankfully, the latest treatment options allow women to repair damage and tighten skin without weeks of downtime due to redness — a typical side effect for other laser treatments. Read More »
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Teens and Zits: The Road to Clearer Skin Takes Time

Being a teenager brings many changes. The good: more freedom, a driver’s license and dating. And the bad: more homework, a curfew and,often a cruel rite of passage, acne. According to Heidi Furth, CNP, of Avera Medical Group Dermatology Sioux Falls, there are four culprits responsible for those dreaded spots. Read More »
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