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Doctor Gains Insight During His Weight-Loss Journey

My weight loss has led me to several interesting conclusions. I was taught in medical school and training that dieting could only reduce someone’s cholesterol about 15 percent. When a person’s cholesterol is over 300, 15 percent isn’t much of a change. Read More »
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Each Weight-Loss Journey is Unique: a Doctor’s Perspective

My journey regarding weight loss started about eight years ago. I had a heart attack, a bypass and I weighed 365 pounds. I felt helpless and hopeless. I couldn’t bend over to tie my shoes, and struggled to get around. It was around that time that one of my good friends badgered me into trying an Ideal Protein diet program. Read More »
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Fera’s Story: Avera eCARE provides immediate intervention after ATV turnover

On a warm June evening, a group of 4-H’ers and their parents set out from Westby, Mont., heading toward a member’s farm. One of the girls, Fera Heckman, was asked to ride on a side-by-side ATV. Her mother, Melissa, knew it was important to 10-year-old Fera to ride along with her friend and the only other girl on the trip, so she agreed, knowing that she’d be close behind in the caravan of vehicles heading to the farm. Read More »
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CuddleCot™ Allows Precious Moments with Late Child

Megan Bartel was in the last weeks of her pregnancy, when one day at work she didn’t feel the normal kicks of her active baby. She knew something was wrong but was praying for the best. Her doctor delivered the devastating news that her unborn son no longer had a heartbeat. Read More »
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Special Contact Lenses Stop Dry Eye Irritation

For Terry Sohl, dry eyes wasn’t just a painful nuisance, it was ruining his life. “My eyes were so dry, it affected my vision,” remembered Sohl. “My hobbies include photography and drawing, and I couldn’t do the things I once loved. Read More »
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Swan Songs are a musical ‘last wish’

Photo: Judi Schwerin and Dayna Groskreutz hold a photo of their parents, Bonnie and Gerald. Music is the centerpiece for many life celebrations – even at end of life. A new program through Avera@Home hospice care gives patients and their families a “musical last wish.” Swan Songs creates a private concert for Avera hospice patients, and their family and friends. Read More »
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