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A Bounty of Irish Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day

Sláinte! With St. Patrick’s Day just over the horizon, the traditions of the Emerald Isle will once again pop up like clover on menus and dinner tables. While everyone enjoy’s this March holiday and its trappings, there’s some wisdom in watching what we eat when it comes this special time of year. Read More »
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Caffeine: How Much is Too Much?

Bitter but beneficial, especially when you’re tired. That’s a great way to summarize caffeine, which may be the world’s most widely used drug. Coffee, tea and energy drinks – along with soda pop – all offer this booster to our breakfasts, lunches and in some cases, working nights, too. Read More »
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Believe in Brussels Sprouts: They’re Tasty and Good for You

The bum rap that brussels sprouts get is unfair. You’re not one of those folks who rejects outright this nutrition and fiber-packed little green superfood, are you? If you are, we’re here to change your mind. These tiny little cabbage-clone vegetables have to shake their reputation as a bitter “nobody likes me” side dish and snack because when cooked properly, they offer a lot more than just the good feeling that comes with adding greens. Read More »
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Get Your Greens Even in Whiteout Conditions

When it’s cold, damp and windy my thoughts don’t go to a crisp, green salad. In fact, it isn’t very appealing to me at all right now and I love salads – but not so much in winter. Here are a couple of ways to get your greens in winter. Read More »
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Family Eating Thanksgiving Dinner

Thriving for Your Health Through the Holidays

Family Eating Thanksgiving Dinner Oh the holidays! What a wonderful time of year. Well, I hope you are feeling that way; it’s not that way for everyone, though. The holidays can be a very hard time, a stressful time, a busy time, and of course when we are working on weight loss, a time when temptations surround you. Read More »
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Warm Up With This Yummy Cider

When the temperatures drop, a hot cup of apple cider is a great way to warm up. Added bonus — apples and cherries are both antioxidant-rich along with other healthy nutrients. The recipe below is for hot cider but can also be served cold or as a base for punch. Read More »
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