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Managing Emotional Challenges of Long-Term Illnesses

Get Fit While You Sit is just one example of a support group. Emotional stress can play a big role in our overall health. Being able to manage the emotional challenges that come with long-term illness can help you feel better physically, emotionally and mentally. Read More »
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Caregiver Stress: Take Care of Yourself

The best way to take care of others is to take care of you first. If “putting yourself first” sounds too selfish or too hard, try something simpler: Put yourself on an equal footing with those you love and tend to. Read More »
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De-Stressing During the Holidays

Debbie multitasks which can add to holiday stress. I love the holidays. This time of year gives me the opportunity to eat great food and celebrate with my family and friends. This is also the time of year where I become so busy shopping, attending parties and eating that I tend to get off balance. Read More »
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The Stress of a Caregiver

Stress develops whenever you start to feel that your responsibilities are greater than the time, energy or other resources that you have to meet them. It is no wonder that stress is so common among caregivers of people coping with cancer. Read More »
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The Importance of Physical and Emotional Flexibility

Yoga can help with physical flexibility Flexibility. It has been my key goal since my wellness journey began about six months ago. I discovered that in addition to “physical” flexibility, we have to be receptive to our “emotional” flexibility. I am sure that you have heard at one time that you need to be more flexible, whether at work or home. Read More »
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The Dangers of Workplace Bullying

Schoolyard bullying, the torment of one child by another, has long been recognized in children. Abusive childhood behavior that is reinforced by other children and ignored by fearful teachers or ignorant administrators leads to children who grow up to be domineering adults. Read More »
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