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Liposuction Myths May Be Holding Back the Best You in the New Year

We live in an age of instant information, but as we all know, an overabundance of misinformation continues to stack up like so much snow on a January day. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, there’s one area of my profession still makes me shake my head quite a bit. Read More »
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Holiday Heartbreak: How to Celebrate When Missing Loved Ones are Gone

One aspect of the holidays sometimes gets little attention, even though it can lead to stress, anxiety and tears. The loved ones who have passed away live on in our memories, and sometimes the pain of those remembered times, and the fact those people are not with us, can make it challenging to celebrate without a sense of loss. Read More »
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Gratitude Reminders for the Season of Thanksgiving

As we enter this holiday season, it is a good opportunity to rekindle a daily practice of gratitude. Giving thanks daily, whether it is in prayer, meditation, keeping a gratitude journal or verbally thanking people at home, at work – anywhere, really – can increase your personal happiness. Read More »
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The Healing Power of Music

A stirring melody. Meaningful lyrics. An upbeat tempo. When the elements of music come together in just the right way, it speaks to people in a way that nothing else can. That’s the power of music, and when music therapy is incorporated into settings like behavioral health and cancer care, it really makes a difference. Read More »
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Workplace Bullying: What You Need to Know

Bullying isn’t confined to the playground. The behavior also occurs in the workplace, and it’s a growing national concern. According to a national survey from the Workplace Bullying Institute, nearly one-third of workers report having felt bullied at work. Unfortunately, 40 percent of targets — the individuals being bullied — never tell their employers. Read More »
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Combat the Winter Blues

In the Midwest, we often pride ourselves on making it through extreme winters, even if it’s painful. Six inches of snow and 45 mph winds? We just grin and bear it — and maybe put on another pair of wool socks. Read More »
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