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Foods That Trigger Arthritis

Pain, swelling, warmth and tenderness in the joints – these are the characteristics of inflammatory arthritis, a group of diseases characterized by joint and tissue inflammation. Morning stiffness that lasts more than an hour is another sign of this set of diseases, and while treatment can be tailored to the specific disease and individual symptoms, patients are unique and each may take different forms of therapy to find relief. Read More »
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Natural Therapies for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Bloating, abdominal discomfort and diarrhea/constipation are the classic conglomeration of symptoms you can associate with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). A holistic evaluation and treatment approach is the optimal method to manage this chronic, multi-factor condition. About 30 million Americans have this disorder, one where the large bowel contracts too much and in a disorganized fashion. Read More »
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Good Sleep Isn’t an Overnight Fix

Have you ever thought of sleep as something that’s just as important to your health as exercising and eating a nutritious diet? “We often take sleep for granted, but it’s very important for good health,” says Darla Klinger, Lead Sleep Technologist at Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center. Read More »
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Sleep: It Does the Body Good

This blog post is from Becky Hanzen, one of the Avera Integrative Medicine Health Coaches. Whenever I hit those difficult moments in life that leave me short on sleep – that’s when I truly appreciate how much good sleep is such a blessing. Read More »
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Top Five Tips to Help You Sleep

Almost everyone’s looking to sleep through the night and to get good rest from their sleep. If you’re like many who awake tired or crave naps all day, check out these five suggestions that really help: 1). Acupuncture: Did you know it can improve your sleep? Read More »
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Mother and daughter (13-15) sitting in garden meditating, eyes closed

Consider the Benefits of Meditation this Winter

Meditation is said to decrease stress, improve mental clarity and energy, and foster creativity. Some of the most successful innovators in history have been dedicated meditators. Meditation is an excellent tool to incorporate into your daily routine, especially during times of distress. Read More »
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