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Sleep: It Does the Body Good

This blog post is from Becky Hanzen, one of the Avera Integrative Medicine Health Coaches. Whenever I hit those difficult moments in life that leave me short on sleep – that’s when I truly appreciate how much good sleep is such a blessing. Read More »
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Top Five Tips to Help You Sleep

Almost everyone’s looking to sleep through the night and to get good rest from their sleep. If you’re like many who awake tired or crave naps all day, check out these five suggestions that really help: 1). Acupuncture: Did you know it can improve your sleep? Read More »
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Mother and daughter (13-15) sitting in garden meditating, eyes closed

Consider the Benefits of Meditation this Winter

Meditation is said to decrease stress, improve mental clarity and energy, and foster creativity. Some of the most successful innovators in history have been dedicated meditators. Meditation is an excellent tool to incorporate into your daily routine, especially during times of distress. Read More »
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As Holidays Continue, You Can Take a Stress Inventory Check – It Might Help

Take our inventory checklist for a quick and easy indicator of whether or not your stress level is too high. It can also help you recognize some of the conditions that determine your stress level. To complete the inventory, assign a number from zero to five to each of the statements below as they relate to your experience: 0 = Never 3 = Sometimes 5 = Almost always Stress Checklist I have a lot of worries at home, at work or both. Read More »
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Fighting Those Food Cravings – Some Tips that Work

Cravings … do you often have cravings? One important thing for us as health coaches is to help you deconstruct your food cravings. Step by step, it is crucial to break down cravings, and learn why they are there. When you do, you’re off to a great start in stopping them. Read More »
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Four Great Recipes for Anytime You’re Hungry

The Ideal Living program offers oh-so much variety, we just don’t know where to begin. But let’s start with some summery-flavored shrimp, add a snack that’s great for any outing or gathering and complete things with a side dish that might fool your friends into thinking it’s not healthy (it is!) Each of these recipes is available on its own easy-to-print sheet, so grab them all today and try them all this month – they’re awesome for upcoming holidays, too. Read More »
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