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Hectic Hunting and Harvest Season Can Jeopardize Safety: Stay Well this Fall

Autumn’s cooler evenings and changing colors make it a rewarding time of year, but for hunters and agricultural producers, it can be a less-safe season due to increases in activity, stress and a general frantic quality that comes after summer. Hunters may not have kept fitness levels high to appreciate the additional effort needed to hike, haul and shoot when they return to the trails to bag game. Read More »
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Vegetables and Fruits

Ask Questions to Find the Freshest Flavors at Local Farmers Markets

You might not make it there as often as you’d like, but you should make regular trips to your local farmers market part of your food shopping – if you want to have the freshest and most long-lasting flavors of the season. Read More »
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Cardiac MRI Offers Clear Images for a Clearer Diagnosis

Photo Courtesy of Dakota Wesleyan UniversityJason Christensen, head women’s basketball coach at Dakota Wesleyan University, was cleared for more activity, thanks to clear images of his heart through cardiac MRI. Cardiac MRI provided such clear images of Jason Christensen’s heart, he’s been cleared to run and lift weights, rather than wonder if such activities might harm his heart. Read More »
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When Hearts Break – for Real

Have you ever felt so worried, sad or distraught that you felt like your heart was breaking? Most the time, it doesn’t go beyond an emotional feeling. But the day after her husband, Mike, was admitted to the Avera Heart Hospital for triple bypass surgery, Maria McKnight experienced a real broken heart. Read More »
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Heart Surgery Patient Overcomes Limitations

The first time Lynn Understock took a walk after open-heart surgery she barely made it down the driveway. Now, 10 months after replacing a valve and part of her aorta, Understock is in the gym several days a week. “Limited” is not a word she would use to describe herself anymore. Read More »
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Heart Disease: Take Steps to Lower Your Risk

Since February is Heart Month, it’s a great reminder to take steps toward heart disease prevention. Individuals with a family history of heart disease have an increased risk, and need to be especially aware of prevention. Even if you don’t have a family history of heart disease, it’s important to think about heart disease today. Read More »
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