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Women: Don’t Ignore Your Heart

If you think your only concern as a woman should be breast cancer — think again. The No. 1 killer among women is actually heart disease, which kills one out of four women every year. Thankfully, there are ways to protect yourself at any age. Read More »
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Myth vs. Fact in the Quest to Lower Your Cholesterol

Have you heard these words at a recent doctor’s appointment or health screening? “Your total cholesterol is over 200. Your HDL looks a little low. Your LDL should be below 130. Your triglycerides are much higher than what’s recommended.” High blood cholesterol is not a direct correlation to future heart disease, but it does increase your risk – especially for sudden death due to heart attack, rather than being able to live through a heart attack and become rehabilitated back to good health. Read More »
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Spinach Salad is a Great Way to Stay Heart-Healthy This Month (VIDEO)

It’s National Heart Month and that means reminding ourselves of the need to eat heart-healthy. Spinach and other greens can play important roles when it comes to keeping your most vital organ in tip-top shape. Watch this video that features an Avera Heart Hospital chef and dietitian as they prepare a salad so delicious you might not even notice it’s really good for you. Read More »
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Safety First: Sorting Out Similarities between Heart Attack and Heartburn

This post is part of a series for National Heart Month. Read earlier heart-health focused stories. When you imagine someone having a heart attack, it’s easy to picture the stylized TV and movie version of this life-threatening emergency: chest-clutching and cries for help, obvious and dramatic signs that say “call 911 right now.” In reality, there are many subtle symptoms that indicate heart attack, and it can be easy for anyone, even in some cases medical professionals, to differentiate between non-threatening situations like heartburn, which is known to cause pain in the chest, and a true emergency where seconds count. Read More »
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Learning Your AEDs Could Save a Life (VIDEO)

Would you know what to do if someone collapsed from possible cardiac arrest right in front of you? Would you be too afraid to act? Statistics show that immediate help can mean the difference between life and death for a cardiac arrest victim. Read More »
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WATCHMAN™ Procedure Offers Alternative to Medication for AFib Patients

When Julie Braaten started experiencing unusual fatigue, she assumed it was simply part of aging. She never imagined it was related to a heart condition. After receiving a diagnosis of atrial fibrillation, commonly known as AFib, she learned that her irregular and often rapid heart rate caused poor blood flow which put her at high risk for stroke. Read More »
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