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Health Assessments: Engaging in Your Health

Individuals that sit at their desk day after day for long periods of time have a higher risk for a variety of health issues. And as most teachers and employers frown on yoga at your desk, push-ups during class or jumping jacks during meetings, it can be difficult to balance fitness and your schedule. Read More »
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Part 2: What’s so Affordable About the Affordable Care Act?

People often ask me, “where is the ‘affordable’ in the “Affordable Care Act?”  Talk about a loaded question.  Allow me one nerdy moment courtesy of Milliman – the largest worldwide actuarial consulting firm.  They have done the Milliman Medical Cost Index research annually since 2001.  Read More »
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Part 1: Why Is Health Insurance SO Expensive?

This is one of the most common questions I get – or a variation on it.  Did you raise my premiums because I had claims? Why did you raise my premiums when I didn’t have any claims? I’ve been struggling with writing this blog for a couple of weeks now.  Read More »
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Medicare Supplement: Because Medicare Doesn’t Cover Everything

Until recently, Carol Fischer didn’t have to think too much about health insurance. She is active and healthy, but the last two years brought an influx of health issues for the 71-year-old, ranging from knee and back pain to gout. She’s had an MRI, X-rays, a knee scope and countless other procedures in the past 18 months, but has yet to pay a bill besides that of her monthly premium for Medicare and Medicare Supplement. Read More »
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Health Coverage Made Easy

Whether or not she has coverage through her job, Anne Lawrence knows she will always make room for health insurance in her budget. “I would never go without health insurance. Life has so many unexpected twists and turns. It would make me too nervous to be without it. Read More »
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Shopping for the Season? Don’t Forget Health Insurance

Shopping for health insurance isn’t as fun as holiday shopping, but it’s still a critical purchase you might have on your list, alongside the stocking stuffers and Christmas turkey.  If you are enrolled in a plan, in most cases you will automatically renew. Read More »
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