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Dispelling Myths about Hospice

There are certain words in health care that no one wants to hear. Hospice shouldn’t be one of them. That’s the point of view of Avera@Home’s Mari Perrenoud, RN, CHPN, who serves as Hospice Liaison for the program. She’s helped hundreds of families who face the challenges that come with the special care that is hospice. Read More »
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Emergencies and Urgent Care: How to Make the Best Choice in a Hurry

In a crisis, it’s almost always impossible to think things out, including the question “Should I go to an emergency room or an urgent-care clinic?” That’s why Jared Friedman, MD, an emergency medicine physician with Avera Medical Group, tells everyone to learn the basic differences between emergency and urgent care. Read More »
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ASC annual checkup

Convince Him to Go: A Doctor’s Tips on How to Get Your Husband to His Exam

The men in our lives, from dads to boyfriends, certainly vary in many ways, but there’s one aspect 80 percent or more of them share: a reluctance to see a doctor, even when they’re sick or need important screening exams. Moms and wives know it can be a clichéd chore – convincing the men they love to get to the doctor’s office. Read More »
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Occupational Therapy: The Art of Adapting

As an occupational therapist, I see a little bit of everything. I get to work with people from all stages of life, with varying abilities and disabilities. Today alone, I saw adult orthopedic patients, ran to the nursing home to see a few residents, returned to the hospital for another orthopedic patient, and I ended my day with elementary school-aged children. Read More »
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When to get help for a headache

There are some 200 different kinds of headaches, and about 90 percent are of the non-dangerous type. We’re not talking about how miserably or painful headaches can be, just that most are “not dangerous.” This is about how to recognize when a headache might be dangerous, and when to come in and see the doctor or care provider. Read More »
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Don't let leakage of urine stop you from doing what you enjoy.

The Difference Between Urge Urinary Incontinence and Stress Urinary Incontinence

It happened. You had to go to the bathroom very badly, and then you sneezed and wet your pants. You are not alone! Urinary incontinence is a common issue that women of all ages experience, and it is one of the primary topics we deal with in our clinic. Read More »
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