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Senior Couple Exercising In Park

Twice As Nice: Workout Partners Keep You Safe, Help You Achieve

One of the best ways to hit your marks, lose your goal weight and feel better about hitting the gym might be sitting just down the hallway. Research has shown that adults who exercise with a workout partner tend to stick with their fitness goals more than those who go it alone, and there are a number of other big wins that come with having an exercise companion. Read More »
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The Smart Workout Routine Includes Easy Dumbbell Exercises

One great thing about dumbbell workouts is you most likely have a few pairs lying around the house. If you don’t, you can most likely find a set that will give you great return on your less than $5 investment at a rummage sale or second-hand store. Read More »
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Raking Leaves

Fall Chores Can Keep You Active

Summer’s gone, but the beauty of autumn is that all the winter preparation work we do can help us burn calories and get active. Why not accomplish two positives with every step, swing of the rake and bag of leaves hauled to the curb? Read More »
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Hectic Hunting and Harvest Season Can Jeopardize Safety: Stay Well this Fall

Autumn’s cooler evenings and changing colors make it a rewarding time of year, but for hunters and agricultural producers, it can be a less-safe season due to increases in activity, stress and a general frantic quality that comes after summer. Hunters may not have kept fitness levels high to appreciate the additional effort needed to hike, haul and shoot when they return to the trails to bag game. Read More »
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Wearable Tech Helps Track Your Fitness Goals

Today’s wearable tech is encouraging users to get active. Quite popular right now are the FitBit activity and calorie trackers. Let me start with a little reminder that buying the most expensive FitBit isn’t going to magically make you more fit by burning calories for you. Read More »
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Thyme plant

Gardening Ergonomics: Keep Your Plants – and Your Body – Healthy

Summer is here in all its glory. If you’re like me, it’s time to enjoy the outdoors and satisfy that passion for growing things. There is nothing more gratifying than watching something you planted become a beautiful flower or mature into a delicious tomato or cucumber. Read More »
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