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Behind the Scenes at Avera McKennan: Biomedical Services

This summer, we were blessed to have some awesome interns who shared their time and talents with Avera McKennan Hospital & University Center, and at the same time, had a “real life” experience of life in the Marketing Department. One of our interns was Erin Williams, a senior at Augustana College in Sioux Falls. Read More »
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Creating a Culture of Healthy Habits

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, culture is defined as a way of thinking, behaving or working that exists in a place or organization. We all encounter different cultures throughout our day, but many of us don’t stop to think consciously about how the cultures impact our thinking or behavior. Read More »
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Flu Vaccinations for Avera Employees

At Avera, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality care for our patients, customers and residents. This includes doing everything we can to keep employees, doctors, nurses and customers healthy. Avera recently announced a new policy for mandatory influenza vaccinations for our employees. Read More »
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Behind the Scenes at Avera McKennan: Retail Therapy

Her name badge says a lot: Jennifer Grossman. Director, Retail/Volunteer. While retail and volunteers may appear as disconnected departments for one person to manage, they are related. Both carry on the mission of Avera McKennan by serving its patients, employees and families. Read More »
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Behind the Scenes at Avera McKennan: Kitchen Staff Defeats ‘Hospital Food’ Stereotype

Nick Buehner prepares macaroni and cheese in large volume. Executive Chef Amanda Viau oversees a large staff of chefs and food preparation workers that prepare around 3,400 meals per day for the Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center, the Avera Behavioral Health Center and the Prairie Center. Read More »
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Avera Race Training: Sprint Workouts

I am not a sprinter. I’m guessing that is clear if you’ve been following my blog. I’m tall and lanky and have never been built for speed. However, last week I went out and ran eight sprints. Of course I didn’t do this voluntarily; I had to be coerced by Marne, a trainer at the Avera McKennan Fitness Center. Read More »
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