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Concussions and Kids: Facts Before Fears

Springtime youth soccer is a great way to greet the greening grass with a healthy dose of sprinting and scores. But the risk of concussions is another reality that players – and their parents – face in the sport. Concussions are brain injuries that can happen in any sport. Read More »
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Enjoying the Fun with Safety in Mind: A Guide to Toys

Shopping for toys can be exciting and fun, but frustrating. There are thousands of toys to choose from and it’s important to choose the right toy for the right age. For example, toys that are meant for older children can be dangerous for younger children. Read More »
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Keeping Kids Safe in Their Seats, No Matter What Time of Year

Especially when it’s the first baby, there’s so much to learn for parents. Experts can help and one place plenty of parents make mistakes is with child safety seats in the car. Doniese Wilcox, CFLE, is an Avera Children’s Family Life Educator, and she knows the expertise of Sioux Falls Fire Rescue is a great place to start. Read More »
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Trick-or-Treats and Teal Pumpkins

What kid doesn’t love that one chance each year to dress up as a favorite superhero, princess or mythological creature and collect candy from the neighbors? It’s Halloween! And the last thing children and parents alike want is to dig through the loot and have to toss most of it out due to a food allergy. Read More »
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Fire Safety: 30 Years of Working with Fire Rescue to Help Kids Stay Safe

This fall will mark 30 years of partnership between Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center and Sioux Falls Fire Rescue. Together, they have helped educate preschoolers in our community about burn prevention. This week, preschools, child care centers, and home child cares will transport about 500 children to the Washington Pavilion’s Belbas Theater for puppet shows featuring Elvis the Hound Dog, Cowboy Zach, Norman and other puppet friends. Read More »
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Think Healthy with Snacks and Meals for Kids

Parents know the lure of pre-packaged foods — it’s an easy choice on a day packed with events. But as another school year gets started, it’s important to think healthy when it comes to preparing lunches, snacks and dinner for you kids. Read More »
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