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Vegetables and Fruits

Ask Questions to Find the Freshest Flavors at Local Farmers Markets

You might not make it there as often as you’d like, but you should make regular trips to your local farmers market part of your food shopping – if you want to have the freshest and most long-lasting flavors of the season. Read More »
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All about HPV and the Vaccine that Can Help Prevent It

There’s been plenty of media attention over the three letters “HPV” for a while, and today, I’m going to take a few minutes to share some information with the goal of clearing up any misconceptions people may have about it. HPV stands for Human Papilloma Virus, and there are more than 120 strains of it. Read More »
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Increase Playtime and Limit Screen Time

As summer continues, it is important to encourage kids to get outside and play! It is so easy for kids to have access to electronics and spend hours in front of a screen. Below I have outlined some of the negative effects screen time can have on the developing child’s brain and vision. Read More »
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Encouraging Your Child’s Language Skills

From the time a parent brings that precious newborn home from the hospital, language skills are developing. Humans are genetically programmed to learn language. Our use of speech and symbols sets us apart from other species on the planet. But to develop language skills, humans need human interaction. Read More »
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Garage Sales: Choose Safe Items for Your Child

The brightly colored signs and balloons are popping up on the street corners — it’s garage sale season! If you have growing kids, it’s the perfect chance to snag items at rock-bottom prices. But before you park the car and browse bargains, know how to identify safe and potentially hazardous items that could be on sale. Read More »
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Home Alone

Many of you have seen the movie. In this comedy, 8-year-old Kevin is accidentally left behind when his family leaves on vacation. He uses his creativity and problem-solving skills to take care of himself and defend the family home. If you are thinking about allowing your child to be home alone, this movie might make you think twice! Read More »
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