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Parents: Try these Tips for “Tough Talks” with Teens

This is the first in a two-part blog post. As a parent, you know there are about 100 things you’ll happily explain to your kids. And then there are those topics that no one wants to gather around the kitchen table and spell out. Read More »
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Boredom Breakers: Color Matching Board

Identifying colors is a skill we expect children to develop in the preschool years. Here is a simple game you can make to help children master the first step of color recognition, which is color sorting. You will need: White poster board, approximately 22 inches by 14 inches Markers in primary (red, blue, yellow) and secondary (purple, green, orange) colors A round shape to trace (I used a small plate) A variety of safe objects in primary and secondary colors On one side of the poster board, trace three evenly spaced circles and use markers to color them in primary colors, red, blue and yellow. Read More »
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Traditions and the Holidays: Considering New Ones (Part 2)

Earlier this year, we considered some of the traditions of the holiday season. We had a good list, but here are a few more ideas for traditions you might want to “get started” in your family: Sleep by the Tree: Choose one night during the holiday season, when the whole family gets out their sleeping bags and camps under the Christmas tree. Read More »
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What to Give Kids for Christmas

As a parent, and now a grandparent, I always look forward to the gift-giving season. It’s fun to find that special something for all the little ones in your life. Although it’s hard to admit, especially when we are enjoying the shopping frenzy, kids today have too much stuff. Read More »
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Babies and Sleep: Safety is Priority

A good night’s sleep is an elusive dream for parents of newborn babies, but that goes with the territory. But all parents – and the doctors who provide both them and their little ones care – know the sacrifice is worth it, as long as babies have a safe night’s sleep. Read More »
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A Holiday Tradition: Sitting on Santa’s Lap

  It’s the holiday season: the lights are up, the stores are decorated, and Santa Claus has opened the local North Pole Branch Office at a mall or store. It’s time to dress up the kids and go for that all important, keepsake photograph of your little one sitting on Santa’s lap. Read More »
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