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Celebrating Life with Health Changes

Anja Hoekman’s holistic approach to diet isn’t about weight loss or self-denial. It’s all about building muscle, feeling energetic and enjoying satisfying, natural meals that focus on delicious ingredients and leave the processed products on the shelf. She also had help. Read More »
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Cancer Survivor Takes Control with Weight Loss

Melissa Fox admits it: she had a little “road rage” going after a follow-up appointment with her cancer surgeon. The Spencer, Iowa mom of two had faced breast cancer, worked through the chemotherapy and surgery and was doing well. She knew she needed to lose some weight and began changing up her workout approaches. Read More »
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Mitchell Colon Cancer Patient; “Trust Your Care Team”

“Life is short, but after experiencing colon cancer, I realized life could be REAL short,” said Brad Zimmerman from Mitchell. “You never know when your number is up, so never take anything for granted.” It started with a constant, dull pain in his lower left abdomen. Read More »
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Eight Toilet Paper Facts You Need to Know

It’s Colon Cancer Awareness Month. What better time to learn a few fun facts about toilet paper? The average American uses 50 pounds of toilet paper a year — that’s 57 squares daily and 8.6 per trip. About 2/3 of Americans prefer the toilet paper to roll over the top of the roll. Read More »
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Colon Cancer Screening:  Beyond the Colonoscopy

When it comes to colon cancer screening, colonoscopy is the gold standard. However, with at-home screening tests available – both approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – you now have more options than ever before. How do you know which is the best one for you? Read More »
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Five Reasons Colonoscopy Isn’t as Bad as You Think. Really.

So, you’re turning 50 and your doctor said it’s time for a colonoscopy. You’re avoiding making the appointment aren’t you? Did you know that people who do colon screenings have a 90 percent reduced risk of developing colon cancer? That number alone should get you on the phone. Read More »
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