The Stress of a Caregiver

Stress develops whenever you start to feel that your responsibilities are greater than the time, energy or other resources that you have to meet them. It is no wonder that stress is so common among caregivers of people coping with cancer. Caring for someone with cancer can mean meeting many different demands, not only for health care but also for other personal needs. Managing stress can help you feel better, protect your health and make you better equipped to care for your loved one.

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed is NOT a sign that you are somehow failing as a caregiver. It is normal to feel stress but since stress, can affect your health and your ability to be a caregiver, it is essential to find ways to manage it.

Tips for Managing Stress

  • Educate yourself about the cancer diagnosis.
  • Obtain help for some of the medical tasks.
  • Get one-on-one support. Find someone to open up to.
  • Ask friends and family to pitch in
  • Eat nourishing meals.
  • Exercise.
  • Get plenty of rest.

While caring for your loved one with cancer is important, caring for yourself is equally important. Look for more on managing stress in future posts.

By Charlene Berke

Director of the Cancer Center at Avera Queen of Peace Hospital

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