Eight Toilet Paper Facts You Need to Know

Toilet paperIt’s Colon Cancer Awareness Month. What better time to learn a few fun facts about toilet paper?

  • The average American uses 50 pounds of toilet paper a year — that’s 57 squares daily and 8.6 per trip.
  • About 2/3 of Americans prefer the toilet paper to roll over the top of the roll.
  • The U.S. Army used toilet paper to camouflage tanks during Desert Storm.
  • The Chinese were the first to use paper sheets for bathroom uses dating back to 6th century AD.
  • Joseph Gayetty introduced toilet paper in the U.S. in 1857. Each square had Gayetty’s name and was advertised as medicated paper with aloe.
  • Common ways to wipe your bum before TP: magazine or catalog paper, hay, corncobs, leaves, moss, wool, sponges and fruit peels.
  • The Madison Museum of Bathroom Tissue was located in Madison, Wis., but closed in 2000. At its peak, it contained 3,000 rolls of toilet paper.
  • Global toilet paper consumption uses 30,000 trees each day — 10 million every year.

Now that you’ve had some fun, is it time for you to schedule your colonoscopy? If you’re 50 or older and haven’t had one, it’s time. Find a location near you.

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Avera News Team

By Avera News Team

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