Sr. Mary Thomas

Missions Services at Avera McKennan Hospital

I am a Presentation Sister from Aberdeen, S.D., and I currently serve in Mission Services at Avera McKennan Hospital. I have a bachelor’s degree in theology and master’s degrees in Christian spirituality and organizational leadership. Although originally from Bowdle, S.D., I have traveled around, having served as campus minister at Purdue University and vocation director for the Presentation Sisters.

I live with three other Presentation Sisters and we have a particular emphasis on serving those most in need. We seek to empower those who have newly arrived to our country. At Avera McKennan, I strive to communicate my personal delight in each employee I meet and to let him/her know how grateful I am for his/her service in this ministry. I love being present with co-workers who are on fire with the mission.

The Presentation Sisters have sponsored health care for more than 100 years. I wanted to keep a sister presence in the daily activities of this health care ministry.

At the start of this blog, I will be visiting other Presentation Sisters who serve in Zambia, Africa. Some sisters are originally from Ireland and India. We will focus on empowering the people through education and we will help them learn an employable skill, such as sewing.

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