Michelle McCormick

Michelle McCormick

Physical Therapist at Avera Therapy - Watertown

Movement. We often don’t think about it until we feel pain or stiffness. Who wants to move if it involves unnecessary pain? This may cause us to give up activities we once enjoyed.

That’s why I became a physical therapist: to help people reclaim their life. I work with patients needing physical therapy due to any number of reasons — from post-surgery to on-the-job injuries to getting older and not being able to move as easily as before.

Some of my professional interests include: • Vestibular rehabilitation (assessing and treating dizziness, vertigo and decreased balance) • Outpatient orthopedics (assisting athletes and the general population in getting back to playing and living) • Headaches and neck pain treatment • Runner rehabilitation (designed to get runners back to doing what they love)

In addition, I am certified in Functional Movement Technique (FMS), a special branch of physical therapy that assesses people’s current movement, identifies limitations and tracks progress.

I attended the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks where I earned my Master of Physical Therapy degree in 1998.

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