Mary Beth Russell

Dietitian at Avera Heart Hospital

I’m the type of dietitian who can say, “I absolutely love my job!” I have 18 years of experience developing others into the healthy person they want to be. I am passionate about my own personal mission for health and wellness and feel it is the key to a long and happy life. I also feel very strongly about the benefits of exercise. My husband and I spend a great deal of our free time at the gym working out. In my opinion, a well-balanced diet needs to be partnered with a well-balanced workout that includes both cardio and weight-bearing exercise for overall health.

As a registered dietitian at the Avera Heart Hospital in Sioux Falls, S.D., I feel it is my mission to meet people where they are at in their wellness journeys. I enjoy partnering with them to develop their own personal health goals, and then my aim is fulfilled as I guide them on their paths to success.

When I am not working or working out, I’m a busy mom cheering on my children during their many activities.

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