Lacey Seefeldt

Health Management Coordinator at Avera McKennan

Live well; be well! As a health management coordinator at Avera McKennan Corporate Health, I believe it’s necessary to practice what I preach. Every day is a new journey for my personal wellness, as well as the support I offer my clients. My interest in the healthcare field started when I took a patient care course in high school. I continued my education at South Dakota State University and earned my bachelor’s degree in health promotion.

Since then, I have enjoyed being a part of the Avera team, coordinating personal and corporate wellness programs. My passion for life is being simple! I feel that eating basic, natural foods and doing activity that is enjoyable benefit me most – that’s not saying that I don’t indulge in an “unhealthy” treat every now and then.

I will be writing about some issues that I encounter, as well as sharing stories from my Avera McKennan Corporate Health team. As a team, we are surrounded by healthy lifestyles every day. Each and every team member brings a unique passion to our wellness world, and we thoroughly enjoy working with our clients as we guide them, and ourselves, to living well.

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