Dr. James Powell

Chief Medical Officer at Avera Health Plans

As the youngest of four children, the only male child, and absolutely no family connection to medicine, I somehow developed an intense interest in medicine as early as high school. I attended the University of Iowa, Iowa City, for undergraduate and then entered the College of Medicine in 1970 at the University of Iowa.

After 31 years of working in an intense family practice and supporting a small community in Iowa, I was ready for a change and joined Avera in their electronic medical records development for the last three years. It has been a wonderful experience and a tremendous opportunity to work with so many dedicated people.

Now, I find myself at Avera Health Plans. Although the learning curve is challenging, the talented people at Avera Health Plans are making my transition as smooth as possible. I am striving to increase the transparency and together we are moving forward with innovation and technology to meet the needs of our members and providers. As a member of the Avera family, Avera Health Plans endeavors to hold before us our goals of mission, people, service, quality and financial stewardship.

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Summer Biking Safety

It is that time of year again when families and children are engaging in outdoor activities, including bicycling, one of my favorite sports. If you haven’t taken your bike out from winter storage, it is time to do so. Check the tires, brakes and lights and do not forget your helmet. Read More »
Child Development, Exercise, Health Insurance, Sports Medicine · Avera Health

Prevent Illness, Get Vaccinated!

Time has escaped me. It seems like yesterday that I was in college, struggling for grades, anticipating a career in medicine, worrying about the war in Vietnam and starting a family. I never gave a thought to my health, most likely because I enjoyed wonderful health and no one ever, ever discussed health issues or immunizations for that matter. Read More »
Family Medicine, Wellness and Prevention · Avera Health

Pre-Existing Conditions and Health Care Reform

Beginning Jan. 1, 2014, many rules and regulations governing the health care industry will change. For those with a pre-existing condition such as diabetes or heart problems, obtaining health insurance has been very difficult. That is about to change. Starting Jan 1, 2014, you cannot be refused coverage because of pre-existing conditions, even if you have been refused coverage in the past. Read More »
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BBRRR It is Still Cold Out There: Watch Out For Frostbite

With the exceptionally cold weather upon us, frostbite is a distinct threat to all of us. I was sledding with two of my granddaughters recently and after about an hour or so, the youngest, who is 8 years old, said that her hands and feet were beginning to burn. Read More »
Children's Health, Family Medicine, Wellness and Prevention · Avera Health

Be Healthy and Safe During the Holidays

Thanksgiving is over, and Christmas is just around the corner. The holiday season is in full swing. This is the time when we visit family members whom we don’t often see, enjoy holiday parties and are out in the hustle and bustle of the shopping crowds. Read More »
Wellness and Prevention · Marshall

My Child Is Sick, What Do I Do?

It is easy to become frustrated when your child is sick. As a physician and a grandpa, I regularly get asked to help determine if a child has a serious illness or just has a cold. I have a daughter in Colorado whose oldest child is 6 months old (my fifth grandchild).  Read More »
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