Doniese Wilcox

Doniese Wilcox

Certified Family Life Educator at Avera McKennan

As a child development and family relations major at South Dakota State University, I knew I wanted to work in the child care education field after my first human development course. And now I have been working with children and families in various settings ranging from preschool to parent education for more than 35 years.

I love my job as a Certified Family Life Instructor at Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center because I have the opportunity to work with both children and adults in diverse situations. Some days I might be teaching babysitting courses and others I might be presenting a puppet show to children to educate them on burns. Every day is different and I love that.

My husband and I have three grown daughters and we are the proud grandparents to three young grandsons. In my spare time I enjoy reading, baking, sewing and traveling.

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Boredom Breakers: Color Matching Board

Identifying colors is a skill we expect children to develop in the preschool years. Here is a simple game you can make to help children master the first step of color recognition, which is color sorting. You will need: White poster board, approximately 22 inches by 14 inches Markers in primary (red, blue, yellow) and secondary (purple, green, orange) colors A round shape to trace (I used a small plate) A variety of safe objects in primary and secondary colors On one side of the poster board, trace three evenly spaced circles and use markers to color them in primary colors, red, blue and yellow. Read More »
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Traditions and the Holidays: Considering New Ones (Part 2)

Earlier this year, we considered some of the traditions of the holiday season. We had a good list, but here are a few more ideas for traditions you might want to “get started” in your family: Sleep by the Tree: Choose one night during the holiday season, when the whole family gets out their sleeping bags and camps under the Christmas tree. Read More »
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What to Give Kids for Christmas

As a parent, and now a grandparent, I always look forward to the gift-giving season. It’s fun to find that special something for all the little ones in your life. Although it’s hard to admit, especially when we are enjoying the shopping frenzy, kids today have too much stuff. Read More »
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A Holiday Tradition: Sitting on Santa’s Lap

  It’s the holiday season: the lights are up, the stores are decorated, and Santa Claus has opened the local North Pole Branch Office at a mall or store. It’s time to dress up the kids and go for that all important, keepsake photograph of your little one sitting on Santa’s lap. Read More »
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The Story of St. Nicholas and Ideas for a Holiday Tradition      

When my kids were growing up, we always celebrated St. Nicholas Day on December 6. Many countries around the world celebrate this day. In the United States, especially in areas where there is a strong German influence, you can find elaborate customs surrounding this day. Read More »
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Top Toys for a Tough-to-Buy-For Audience: Preschool Kids

With the holidays approaching, your preschooler may be starting that all-important wish list. It will likely be filled with the latest, coolest toys seen on TV, licensed toys based on current popular movies, and a lot of high-tech gizmos and gadgets. Read More »
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