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Avera News Team

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Avera’s team of writers operates as a news staff for Avera Health and its team of experts.

Our job is to spread their knowledge so you can live a healthier life. Look to us as a resource for the latest health tips and news on everything from general wellness, cancer care and heart health to tips on navigating your health insurance plan.

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Liver Transplant Comes to Sioux Falls

When Avera was given the green light last year to perform liver transplants, surgeon Jeffery Steers described the feeling in one word. Relief. “It was hard knowing there was a patient we could help, but couldn’t yet do the transplant here in Sioux Falls,” said Steers, MD, FACS. Read More »
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Parents: Try these Tips for “Tough Talks” with Teens

This is the first in a two-part blog post. As a parent, you know there are about 100 things you’ll happily explain to your kids. And then there are those topics that no one wants to gather around the kitchen table and spell out. Read More »
Child Development · Avera Health

Walk Like a Penguin and Other Tips to Avoid Winter Slips

Don’t underestimate the snow, slush and ice beneath your feet. Every winter the number of injuries that come from falls increases by more than 10 times, and those spills can happen to anyone. Avera Physical Therapist Phil Moe, who serves as the Avera Therapy Outpatient Manager, said it’s easy to overlook a change in conditions that quickly occurs as we get some snow, freezing rain or a drop in temperature. Read More »
Wellness and Prevention · Avera Health

Believe in Brussels Sprouts: They’re Tasty and Good for You

The bum rap that brussels sprouts get is unfair. You’re not one of those folks who rejects outright this nutrition and fiber-packed little green superfood, are you? If you are, we’re here to change your mind. These tiny little cabbage-clone vegetables have to shake their reputation as a bitter “nobody likes me” side dish and snack because when cooked properly, they offer a lot more than just the good feeling that comes with adding greens. Read More »
Nutrition · Avera Health

A Holistic Approach to Discovering Your Ideal Body

When it comes to starting a weight loss program, your needs – physically, mentally and emotionally – are unique. That’s why the best approach is one that’s personalized for you. Discover how to make lifestyle changes that promote not only weight loss, but overall well-being when you work with a health coach at Avera Medical Group Integrative Medicine. Read More »
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Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon

VIDEO: Learn About This Mom’s Cancer Journey with Avera Second-Opinion Clinic

Sue Studt is a busy wife, mom, and businesswoman. Watch her remarkable story of her breast-cancer journey and how things simply fell into place when it came to her treatment and recovery with Avera Breast Center. Read More »
Cancer Care · Avera Health