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Cancer Information: Finding the Pearls and Avoiding the Landmines

I am often asked where cancer patients and their family members can receive reliable information about cancer diagnosis, staging, treatment and prognosis. While there are a number of excellent publications to which I can direct them, I often direct them to websites. Read More »
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Zambia Mission: Reflections on our Pilgrimage

Relationships to Partnerships I have been reflecting on how we arrive at a new location, meet and serve with the local people and then take leave. In the parting is the realization that we may not meet again in this lifetime and this experience is bittersweet. Read More »
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Overindulgence in Children: Too Much Stuff

Do you ever stop and think about how much “stuff” your kids or grandkids have today compared to when you were a child? A new term that has surfaced in child development recently is “overindulgence,” which means “excessive” or “too much.” A book we have been recommending is How Much is Enough: Overindulgence in Children by Jean Clarke, Connie Dawson and David Bredehoft.  Read More »
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Zambia Mission: Letting Go of the Familiar

I have been reflecting on how life as usual can foster a healthy rhythm for us. It can also create a dullness of spirit when my spiritual life becomes too routine. Unknowingly, I may re-create God to fit my limited experience of life. Read More »
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Tips for Communicating With Your Health Care Team

When diagnosed with a long-term illness, your health care team is made up of specialty-trained people helping you understand and cope with your diagnosis. Each person on the team has special skills that you may need. They are there to help you learn more about cancer. Read More »
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New Year’s Resolution Progress

Here we are, well into the month of January. If you set goals for the New Year, how are you doing on them? Improving eating habits and losing weight are probably the most popular goals set for New Year’s resolutions. But in the middle of January, with the temperature below zero and it being dark outside early in the evening, it’s easy to slip into a lazy routine.  Read More »
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