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Hot Topics for Parents — Giving Choices

Let your child decide how he goes to bed, not whether or not he goes to bed. Giving choices to kids is a great idea. It develops independence and self-esteem, and it teaches about making decisions, which is a critical-thinking skill. Read More »
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Heads Up: Understanding Concussions, Part 1

It’s starting to feel a bit like fall – cooler mornings and a bit of that ‘snap’ in the air that makes autumn my favorite time of year. Fall also means it’s time for the football season to start again. But what comes with all that gridiron excitement? Read More »
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Benefits of Breastfeeding and Tips for New Moms

I want to take the opportunity to encourage all mothers to breastfeed. We are learning more and more about the benefits of breastfeeding, both for moms and babies. There are many advantages that formula just cannot duplicate, such as immune system support and reducing the odds of getting breast cancer. Read More »
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Hot Topics for Parents — Offering Positive Communication

Parenting is hard work! Using positive communication techniques can help direct your child to acceptable behavior. Many parents confuse the terms “discipline” and “punishment.” Discipline comes from words like the Greek “disciplos,” which means “to teach” or Latin “disciplina,” which means “instruction.” Child discipline means teaching your child correct behavior. Read More »
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Not Just Your Grandparents’ Pertussis: Whooping Cough Today

What crosses your mind when you hear the words “whooping cough?” Perhaps you think it’s one of those diseases our grandparents had to worry about and is no longer relevant to us. Maybe you think it’s another one of those darn viruses that just has to pass on its own. Read More »
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The Importance of Physical and Emotional Flexibility

Yoga can help with physical flexibility Flexibility. It has been my key goal since my wellness journey began about six months ago. I discovered that in addition to “physical” flexibility, we have to be receptive to our “emotional” flexibility. I am sure that you have heard at one time that you need to be more flexible, whether at work or home. Read More »
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