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Patience and Hard Work Are Part of the Journey

For a long time I have wanted a flower garden. With a little patience and hard work, I can now look out my kitchen window and see my garden starting to come up out of the ground. It is so exciting for me to see the green plant shoots. Read More »
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My Story – How I Became A Pediatrician

I was recently at a meeting with other physicians whom I have known for several years. The facilitator of the meeting had us go around and share the story of how we chose to become physicians. It was interesting to hear the wide variety of ways we all arrived at our shared profession, from medicine being a “second career,” to being guided down this path by parents and professors. Read More »
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Food Myth #5 – Are Lean Beef and Pork Okay in a Heart-Healthy Diet?

Joanne from the Avera Heart Hospital, here today with my fifth and final food myth. It’s been so much fun sharing these with everyone, and I hope you’ve learned a lot along the way! Myth #5: Lean beef and pork are allowed in a heart-healthy diet if portions are controlled. Read More »
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Three Strikes, You’re Out: Keep Kids Safe During Summer Sports

Another summer is here, and with it comes all of the usual summertime activities – including a lot of kids participating in sports. Sports are a great way to learn valuable life skills, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and spend some quality time outdoors. Read More »
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Ouch! Low-Back Pain Strikes!

With the great weather we have had lately, my wife and I have been working on our landscaping.  I am quickly reminded after an afternoon of yard work why so many of our health plan members have struggled with low-back pain. Read More »
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Spring Has Arrived!

Spring has definitely arrived in full force. It is so wonderful to see the trees budding, the flowers peeking through the ground and of course the green grass. There is something about the change of winter to spring that can’t help but make you smile. Read More »
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