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Mother Nature’s Gym

There are many ways to use Mother Nature’s all-inclusive gym. Here are some tips to keep in mind while enjoying the fresh air: Proper warm up. Just as you would for any type of exercise, remember to properly warm up  including a proper stretch. Read More »
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Food Myth #2 – Busting the “low-fat diet” Myth

I’m a dietitian at Avera Heart Hospital, and I’m passionate about busting food myths that I hear everyday. Today, I’m busting myth #2 in my 5-part series. This one’s a whopper that encompasses many people’s entire way of thinking about food. Read More »
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Why Wearing A Helmet Is Never Optional

Bicycling is a great way to promote fitness for the whole family, or just to spend some quality time outdoors. But, it is also a potentially dangerous activity.  According to the South Dakota Department of Public Safety, emergency rooms in the United States see around 500,000 bicycle-related injuries every year. Read More »
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5 Heart Disease Food Myths Busted!

As a dietitian at Avera Heart Hospital, I see many people using common food myths to drive their nutritional choices. When I teach them about healthy eating, people are often shocked to find out that a dietitian would recommend eggs or that Cheerios may not be a healthy choice. Read More »
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Allergies Acting Up?

Sniffling, sneezing and feeling just plain awful this spring? It could be your allergies acting up. Some allergens are present year-round, but most pollen is in greater concentration and reaches peak levels during the spring. Springtime brings plant and pollen allergies. Read More »
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Sunscreen – We’ve Got You Covered

It’s official – spring is here, and summer is looming around the corner. However, this spring has so far been feeling a lot like summer, which means that now is a good time to remind everyone to protect their skin when playing outdoors, especially since we know that sunburns and excessive tanning increase the risk for skin cancer later in life. Read More »
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