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Beach Family Vacation

Spring Break Safety Tips

The end of another winter is rapidly approaching, and what better way to welcome the spring thaw than by heading off to a warm and exotic destination for some fun in the sun. Spring break! And what better way to ruin that much-anticipated vacation than by acquiring traveler’s diarrhea or a nasty sunburn. Read More »
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Hummus Dip – A Healthy Party Option

When it comes to entertaining, the food is always the centerpiece of any party. But if you’re trying to serve healthy options, it can be hard to find crowd-pleasing choices that everyone will love. Try hummus, a bean-based dip that is loaded with flavor and offers up a healthy dose of fiber and other nutrients. Read More »
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RSV: Those Three Dreaded Letters

By now, everyone is probably well aware that “RSV season” is here. In case you aren’t aware of the signs of RSV, allow me to explain briefly what it is. RSV stands for Respiratory Syncytial Virus, which is why we just refer to it as RSV. Read More »
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Impact concussion test logo

What’s The Big Deal With ImPACT™?

Anyone who is following the sports scene, or who has a child involved in a collision sport like football or ice hockey, has probably heard a lot about concussions. It’s been a hot topic lately, and there is a new tool in the diagnosis and management of concussions called ImPACT™.  Read More »
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