Believe in Brussels Sprouts: They’re Tasty and Good for You

The bum rap that brussels sprouts get is unfair. You’re not one of those folks who rejects outright this nutrition and fiber-packed little green superfood, are you? If you are, we’re here to change your mind. These tiny little cabbage-clone vegetables have to shake their reputation as a bitter “nobody likes me” side dish and snack because when cooked properly, they offer a lot more than just the good feeling that comes with adding greens. Read More »
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A Holistic Approach to Discovering Your Ideal Body

When it comes to starting a weight loss program, your needs – physically, mentally and emotionally – are unique. That’s why the best approach is one that’s personalized for you. Discover how to make lifestyle changes that promote not only weight loss, but overall well-being when you work with a health coach at Avera Medical Group Integrative Medicine. Read More »
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late pregnancy

A Midwife’s Tips on Making a Birth Plan

When you’re preparing for the birth of a child, it’s pretty common to have high expectations. Many women believe they will be admitted to the hospital, assume the “birth goddess” position and quickly deliver a healthy baby. It will be a beautiful, miraculous, Facebook-worthy event, free of missteps and stress. Read More »
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VIDEO: Learn About This Mom’s Cancer Journey with Avera Second-Opinion Clinic

Sue Studt is a busy wife, mom, and businesswoman. Watch her remarkable story of her breast-cancer journey and how things simply fell into place when it came to her treatment and recovery with Avera Breast Center. Read More »
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Enjoy Retirement With Better Health

Health is important for enjoying life, yet as people age, numerous health conditions can crop up that get in the way of an active retirement lifestyle. “Retirement is a time to take stock on your goals for the next 10 to 20 years. Read More »
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Dealing With It: Watertown Transplant Patient Says Team’s Attitude Lifted His

Rich Kunkel is going to Branson, Mo., for a celebration with friends this year. The Watertown father of four remembers when making a plan like that was impossible. Kunkel faced multiple myeloma in 2012, but completed a bone-marrow transplant in 2013 at the Avera Cancer Institute. Read More »
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