What Enhanced Orthopedic Services Mean for You

The hoopla of March Madness is again in the books, and I was among those who reveled while watching those young men and women compete with all they had, game after game. Regardless of how their seasons ended, I’d be willing to bet that all the players and coaches are making use of today to improve for tomorrow and reach for next year’s “Big Dance.” That’s what good teams aim to do: improve constantly in a world full of changes. Read More »
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Young Father with Cancer: ‘Hope Has No Limits’

Chris Lawrence got something unexpected after meeting with his care team at Avera Cancer Institute for treatment of stage IV bile duct cancer — medical hope. “What Dr. (Brian) Leyland-Jones said is, ‘This is good, I know how to treat this.’ That was a pretty incredible statement, and it really gave us hope for the very first time,” Chris said.“I always had hope, there is always hope in Christ. Read More »
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Your Hips Have Key Role In Avoiding Knee Injuries

Many of your more athletic movements like running, jumping and cutting are inherently unstable. To do these moves, you require neuromuscular control to maintain stability and improve performance. To get that control, especially in your hips, you need what we call “proprioceptive feedback” which is a basically your brain and nerves working to maintain control with information they get from the body. Read More »
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Foods That Trigger Arthritis

Pain, swelling, warmth and tenderness in the joints – these are the characteristics of inflammatory arthritis, a group of diseases characterized by joint and tissue inflammation. Morning stiffness that lasts more than an hour is another sign of this set of diseases, and while treatment can be tailored to the specific disease and individual symptoms, patients are unique and each may take different forms of therapy to find relief. Read More »
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Celebrating Life with Health Changes

Anja Hoekman’s holistic approach to diet isn’t about weight loss or self-denial. It’s all about building muscle, feeling energetic and enjoying satisfying, natural meals that focus on delicious ingredients and leave the processed products on the shelf. She also had help. Read More »
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Concussions and Kids: Facts Before Fears

Springtime youth soccer is a great way to greet the greening grass with a healthy dose of sprinting and scores. But the risk of concussions is another reality that players – and their parents – face in the sport. Concussions are brain injuries that can happen in any sport. Read More »
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