Foods That Trigger Arthritis

Pain, swelling, warmth and tenderness in the joints – these are the characteristics of inflammatory arthritis, a group of diseases characterized by joint and tissue inflammation. Morning stiffness that lasts more than an hour is another sign of this set of diseases, and while treatment can be tailored to the specific disease and individual symptoms, patients are unique and each may take different forms of therapy to find relief. Read More »
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Celebrating Life with Health Changes

Anja Hoekman’s holistic approach to diet isn’t about weight loss or self-denial. It’s all about building muscle, feeling energetic and enjoying satisfying, natural meals that focus on delicious ingredients and leave the processed products on the shelf. She also had help. Read More »
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Concussions and Kids: Facts Before Fears

Springtime youth soccer is a great way to greet the greening grass with a healthy dose of sprinting and scores. But the risk of concussions is another reality that players – and their parents – face in the sport. Concussions are brain injuries that can happen in any sport. Read More »
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Understanding Occupational Therapy’s Role in Recovery

Occupational therapy is one of those health care services for which we often hear the question “What is that, exactly?” While you might be like most people and think it relates to jobs or job training, the definition of occupational therapy is simple: Our lives are made up of these simple “occupations” such as eating, getting dressed, bathing and cooking, to name a few. Read More »
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Defocused shot of ambulance on a city street

How Serious Is it? When to Avoid the ER and When to Go

Knowing when to go to the emergency room and when to head to an urgent care clinic can save you both time and money. In fact, it’s estimated that 13 – 27 percent of all emergency room visits could be treated elsewhere with potential cost savings of $4.4 billion every year. Read More »
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Get a Jump on Workouts with Plyometric Training

Your quickness, coordination, balance, power, explosiveness, speed and strength are all components of plyometric training. What’s that big word mean? It’s simple: it’s jump training, and it can really improve any aspect of your routine, since power can drive performance. While speed may be the primary component track & field athletes consider as their seasons get started, plyometrics and the way it can boost other aspects of athletic performance are a reason why we recommend it, even if you’re no track star. Read More »
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