As Holidays Continue, You Can Take a Stress Inventory Check – It Might Help

Take our inventory checklist for a quick and easy indicator of whether or not your stress level is too high. It can also help you recognize some of the conditions that determine your stress level. To complete the inventory, assign a number from zero to five to each of the statements below as they relate to your experience: 0 = Never 3 = Sometimes 5 = Almost always Stress Checklist I have a lot of worries at home, at work or both. Read More »
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Medicare Supplement Myths: Choose Your Provider and Travel, Too

Health insurance can be confusing and Medicare Supplement insurance is no different. Sometimes you just need some help sifting fact from fiction to figure out what’s best for you. Below are five myths Avera Health Plans Sales Associate Pam Skals hears most often. Read More »
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The Story of St. Nicholas and Ideas for a Holiday Tradition      

When my kids were growing up, we always celebrated St. Nicholas Day on December 6. Many countries around the world celebrate this day. In the United States, especially in areas where there is a strong German influence, you can find elaborate customs surrounding this day. Read More »
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Fighting Those Food Cravings – Some Tips that Work

Cravings … do you often have cravings? One important thing for us as health coaches is to help you deconstruct your food cravings. Step by step, it is crucial to break down cravings, and learn why they are there. When you do, you’re off to a great start in stopping them. Read More »
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Innovative Clinical Trial Offers New Hope for Ovarian Cancer Patient

After receiving her initial ovarian cancer treatment at another facility, Dawn Harter of Green Bay, Wisconsin, started researching clinical trials and discovered one that offered the possibility of taking a new maintenance medication. The opportunity gave her hope for preventing recurrence. Read More »
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Understanding “Normal” Adolescent Psychosocial Development

We know a lot more about how the teenage mind changes and develops between childhood and adulthood than we did even a decade ago. What’s striking is the contrast between our focus on our infants as they learn to crawl, babble, walk and talk. Read More »
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